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Bailey J, Taylor H, Xavier B, Jason S

Bailey Johnson

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Circles

Circles Taylor Hemmann
Bailey Johnson
Jason San Juan
Xavier Brown A straight line passing through the center of a circle. Diameter: Radius Chord- A straight line that joins the end of an arc. The straight line from the center point circle of a circle Chord: Arc: Secant: The part of the circumference of a circle. A straight line that cuts a curve in two or more parts. Tangent: A straight line or plane that touches a curved or curved surface at a point. Inscribed Angle: Formed when two secant lines of a circle intersect on the circle. Intercepted Arc: An arc of the circle in the interior of an angle. Central Angles: An angle whose vertex is in the center of a circle, and whose sides through a pair of points on a circle. Circumference: The enclosing boundary of a curved geometric figure.
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