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Career Analysis #1

No description

Brandon Smith

on 18 November 2011

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Transcript of Career Analysis #1

Career Analysis #1 By: Brandon Smith The Job that I would like to have a career in. A youth Pastor! Pictures of Preachers Things to Know about the Job. Some big responsibilities that you have to have during this job is, is you need to be able to run and lead a church. You have to be able to maintain it and keep it looking good. Finally you have to be in charge of just about everything there. The education you need is just a highschool diploma for some churches. But for bigger churches you need to have a college degree in relegion. The average salary you make is around 40 thousand to 60 thousands dollars a year An ethical issue could be confiedentiality More about my future career! The future for this career could possibly be to the point where there was a lot more churches and a lot more people in church. Technology they use! Some technology that a youth pastor uses is a lot of computer use and sound equipment. The customers of this job would be mostly teen beleivers of christ and teenagers and young adults that are looking to know christ Customers! Science and Math A lot of promblems solved in this job is when the youth pastor sits down and talks to the people that are having the promblem... The math used in this job is counting up the people that showed up and a lot of other things like counting up the money for fundraisers. Verbal skills Some verbal skills you need is, is you need to be able to talk in front of big crowds and able to help people with their promblems
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