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The Distant Past

No description

Darian C

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of The Distant Past

The Distant Past
By William Trevor

The Distant Past
The Distant Past
The Middletons were always reminded of the events that took place in the past. Tourist started visiting the town and were amazed at the Middletons integrity and loyalty to the past.
Townspeople grew angry with their new found attention and started to outcast the Middletons again. The Middletons reacted by taking town any symbol of their religion in their house
. They concluded that they would die alone and friendless.
The Distant Past
The setting is important because it explains the internal conflict. There was unrest in Northern and Southern Ireland for many years. Britain colonized Northern Ireland and restored the national religion to Protestantism while Southern Ireland fought to stay Catholic.
In the past, the Middletons were locked in an attic by an angry townsmen in hopes of bringing the British army to Southern Ireland. The people hoped to start a riot. The plan failed and the Middletons were released. The Middletons remained in the same town and hostilities decreased through time.The external conflict is the townspeople growing to hate the Middletons again because of their strong ties to the past.
The story is set in a small town in southern Ireland in the 1950's through 1960's. Two siblings, the Middletons, are left an estate by their family. The community looks at the Middletons as outcast because of their religious preference to Protestantism.
The main characters in the story are a brother and a sister, the Middletons. During time of war, the Middletons were outcast and shunned by the townspeople because of their religion. For years they dealt with the offensive attitudes. At the end of their lives they both concluded that,"They would die friendless." and,"It was worse than being murdered in their beds."
The Distant Past
The Distant Past
William Trevor was born in Mitchelstown, County Cork, Ireland. He was raised as a Protestant in a Catholic community. Conflicts between the two religions date back to the 12th century when Britain gained control of Ireland. Many of Trevor's stories are about the struggle Protestants faced throughout time of distress.
William Trevor
May 24, 1928
"They did not remove the articles in fear but in mourning for the 'modus vivendi' that had exisited for so long between them and the people of the town."

The theme of the story would be to not change your beliefs because of others. Although the Middletons removed symbols of their religion, they still remained loyal to their religion and stayed in the same town that is trying to run them out.

The Distant Past
The Middletons were not traditional to that of the townspeople. They stayed with their religion despite harsh attitudes. In they end they broke away from the town they had been apart of for so long.
The Distant Past
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