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Whistle Blowing - Duska

Summary Speech, Dr. Harper, Phil 244

Summer Henderson

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Whistle Blowing - Duska

Whistle-Blowing and Employee Loyalty -Ronald Duska "One does not have an obligation of loyalty to a company…because companies are not the kinds of things which are proper objects of loyalty…” Therefore, “The issue of the permissibility of whistle blowing is not a real issue." THESIS “The issue of the permissibility of whistle-blowing is not a real issue, since there is no obligation of loyalty to a company.” SO... >>“The act by an employee of informing the public on the immoral or illegal behavior of an employer or supervisor.” Popular Discussion 1) Attempts to define whistle blowing more precisely
2) Debates about whether and when it is permissible***
3) Debates about whether and when one has an obligation to do so
4) Appropriate mechanisms for institutionalizing the act Loyalty in a Company??? “…A state of being constant and faithful in a relation requiring trust of confidence.”
Relationships, not groups
Requires one to surrender self-interest BUSINESS.... Goal = Make Profit COMMERCIALIZATION the profit of work determines the quality of work
goal is profit
"Dissolves the type of relationship that requires loyalty"
Loyalty misguided
"Functions on the basis of enlightened self interest."
Business is not a person "Team Loyalty" > Appeal = Competition
> Ideal would be an employee loyal to the will of the company
> Not defined by context
> “…Permeates the whole of society in its influence.” CONCLUSION >> No obligation to do good, just an obligation to not harm others
>If whistle blowing can prevent harm, then it is sometimes permissible.
1. Clear Harm 2. Proximity
3. Capability 4. Last Resort Does an employee have an obligation to society to be a whistle blower? >Non-profit
- Commercialization argument is irrelevant
- The employee must have gone against the purpose of the organization, so loyalty is still in tact. THE END.
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