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What I Bring to the Table

Selling the Book. How I can help sell Facebook as an invaluable tactic for marketing leads at major CPG companies and the advertising agencies they work with.

Marketing Maiden

on 27 January 2010

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Transcript of What I Bring to the Table

..and I'd like to join the Sales team at You've got the standard docs,
but you're probably still asking yourself.. "What value can she really bring to the table?" Well, as any self-proclaimed Foodie would say, Let's start Cooking! APPETIZER: Living the Brand As a millennial living in the digital world of instant information
access and endless communication oulets, I consider myself an avid user of social and digital media applications. I am highly integrated into the daily life of clients' target social shopper segments, and am able to speak intelligently to the uses of Facebook, your competitors and alternate social/digital outlets. Cheers!: Personable Relationship-builder Both professionally and personally, your success depends on the relationships you make, cultivate, invest in and commit to. I excel at building trusting and respectful working relationships with my clients and colleagues. This is the foundation of any great salesperson, and partner. I am certain that my references would be happy to expand upon this! Agency Experience and Background Soup of the Day: I am an experienced marketer and advertiser, working with both global and local clients. Over 4 years in the agency world have provided me with relatable experience in developing marketing and media programs, while analyzing the available options and results. I would bring direct client and retailer experience to Facebook. Having sat on both sides of the table, acting as the agency and salesperson, I know what clients are looking for in a media sales representative. Main Course: Execution and Project Management I am confident that I have the executional skills and project management background needed to close the sale with clients. However, I also have the organization, attention-to-detail and process to keep dozens of projects running smoothly at any given time. While I do value process, I am naturally curious and am always looking for creative ways to help better service my clients through innovation. The Cherry on Top: Measurable Results Driven Without proven results, clients will try a tactic once, and soon forget about it, going back to the tried & true (and boring) traditional outlets. I believe follow-up and post-event analysis are the most important parts of a sale. If you can illustrate to clients am impressive ROI on a program, not only will they be pleased, but they will come back wanting more. Thus, creating a long-lasting partnership between Facebook and the brand. Make a Reservation: Opportunity to Speak with You I would love the opportunity to interview for a Sales or Marketing position at Facebook. Please contact me via cell or email if you would like to speak further. Thank you for your time! I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely,

Your Missing Ingredient CHERYL
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