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Characterization of Scarlet Ibis

No description

Natalie H

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Characterization of Scarlet Ibis

1.) Creative-
"We'd weave [flowers] into necklaces and crowns." (157) Indirect characterization by action
2.) Sensitive-
"Then he began to cry" (157) Indirect characterization by action
3.) Curious-
"...His eyes popped round like two blue buttons. "What's that?"" (160) Indirect characterization by action
4.) Compassionate-
"Doodle's hands clasped his throat" ""I'm going to bury [the scarlet ibis]"" (161) Indirect characterization by actions and speech
5.) Dependent-
"Don't leave me. Don't leave me." (157) Indirect characterization by speech
6.) Hopeful-
"Hope no longer hid in the dark..." (158) Direct characterization
7.) Persevering-
"I purposely walked fast, and although he kept up, his face turned red and his eyes became glazed." (160) Indirect characterization by action

1.) Proud
- "...that pride, whose slave I was, spoke to me louder than all their voices." (158) Direct characterization
2.) Determined-
"It seemed so hopeless from the beginning that it's a miracle that I didn't give up." (158) Indirect characterization by thoughts
3.) Caring
- "Doodle was... the craziest brother... but it was a nice crazy, like someone you meet in your dreams." (154) Indirect characterization by thoughts
4.) Admiring-
"... the picture he painted was so beautiful.. that all I could do was whisper. Yes, yes." (159) Indirect characterization by actions and thoughts
5.) Hopeful-
""Mama he smiled. He's all there! He's all there!"" (156) Indirect characterization by speech
6.) Arrogant-
"A long list of don'ts went with him, all of which I ignored once we got out of the house." (156) Indirect characterization by actions
7.) Misguided-
""You can do it. Do you want to be different from everybody else when you start school?"" Indirect characterization by speech
Aunt Nicey
1.) Clumsy-
"..we danced together quite well until she came down on my big toe with her brogans." (158) Indirect characterization by actions
2.) Religious-
"She said ... cauls were made from Jesus' nightgown" (154) Indirect characterization by speech
3.) Hopeful-
"Everybody thought he was going to die-- Everybody except Aunt Nicey"
Indirect characterization by thoughts
Characterization in The Scarlet Ibis
Doodle is a very fully developed character.
We can see his flaws
. For example how he is born with some defect that caused doctors to believe his death was imminent.
We see his talents
; his amazing story-telling and speaking abilities. He shows many emotions, like during the death of the Ibis.
He changes a lot as well.
Obviously in a physical sense (him starting to walk) but also on a mental level. I feel that
once he has learned to walk he has a different outlook on life
; although everyone said he could never live, or speak, or walk, he did.

The narrator is round because throughout the story his ideas, thoughts, and attitudes are constantly portrayed. We
get to know him through his thoughts
and it seems as though he were a real person with a real personality. Although his feelings are changing, I feel that as a whole,
his character mostly stays the same.
His stubborn, prideful ways cause a constant struggle throughout the story, internally and externally. He is round yet static in the sense that by the end of the story,
we know him but he refuses to alter and better himself.
Aunt Nicey is a character briefly introduced in the beginning of the story, who
is not very described,
but neither are the other minor characters. She is described as a caring character, who is related to the narrator and Doodle. Since we
do not know much about Aunt Nicey, we don't know whether she changes,
we can infer
that she does not, since it isn't mentioned.
Round and Dynamic
Round and Static
Flat and Static
This character seems like a real person, and is fully developed. You are able to see many side and traits that the character has

This type of character is one sided and is not developed. These characters don’t have extensive personalities or characteristics.

Character experiences a change in personality or attitude; they just generally change by the end of the story
Character experiences no change and stays the same
Direct Characterization:
When an author comments directly on the character, telling about their personality/traits
Indirect Characterization:
When author comments indirectly on character's personality/traits. There are 5 types.
How the characters actions reflect upon their personality
How what the character says reflects upon their personality
Physical Description:
How the characters physical traits show their personality/how they're like
How the characters thoughts reflect upon their personality
Effect on other characters:
How the way that other characters think/ are effected by the character
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