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Issues Debates & Approaches - A2 Psychology

Introduction to IDAs

Sally Fox

on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of Issues Debates & Approaches - A2 Psychology

Approaches in Psychology
Is behaviour detemined by our genetics or hormones? Is gender genetically pre-programmed to dictate our behaviour? The biological approach considers elements of the human body in relation to the development of gender and how they play a role in defining and moulding our behaviour.

This approach looks at how cognitions influence our behaviour and how that may impact on the decisions we make. How could this be related to gender.
Freewill vs Determinism
This debate considers the extent to which we are 'free' to chose the paths our lives take in relation to the psychological development of our gender. Are we 'free' to behave as we wish or is our behaviour genetically predetermined by the gender we are born into? Freewill or determinism......
Nature vs Nurture
There is an ongoing debate in the scientific study of psychology as to whether we can attribute behaviour patterns to 'nature or nurture'.

In relation to the Unit 3 topic of gender this can be applied in a variety of different ways; are we born male or female? or are we conditioned to behave with the characteristics of that particular gender because that is what we were born into? Nature vs Nurture....
Issues, Debates & Approaches in Psychology
Issues,Debates & Approaches
AQA A2 Psychology- Unit 3
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