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*The Solar System

Treasures Grade 6 Unit 2

Cedric Chastagner

on 7 September 2016

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Transcript of *The Solar System

The Night of the Northern Lights

1. Where are Tyrell and his parents going?
2. Why doesn’t he want to go there?
3. What happens on the drive to Minnesota?
4. What does Tyrell’s grandmother tell the family when they arrive?
5. What does Tyrell see at the Johnston farm?

The Night of the
1. What is wrong with Harriet’s solar system?
2. What did she used to make the planets?
3. What did she use to put the planets onto the Bristol board after she ran out of glue?
4. Why is Harriet’s brother annoyed at her?
5. Why did Harriet not finish her solar system?
6. How is Clayton Beemer’s solar system different from Harriet’s?
7. How does Harriet describe Saturn’s rings on her solar system?
8. Which planet tasted of grape gum?
9. What did Mrs. Pond give Harriet?
10. What time did Harriet and Mrs. Pond see Mars?
11. Why was most of Harriet’s project gone by the time class started?
12. Who was the first person to explain their solar system?
13. What did the students have to figure out based on Kevin’s example?
14. How did Mrs. Pond describe the pomegranate?
15. How far from Earth was Mars?
16. What famous radio broadcast did she talk about?
17. Compared to Kevin’s marble earth, how big would Mars be?
18. Why was last night a special night?
Earth and
the Sun
1. What is the imaginary line through Earth from the North Pole to the South Pole called?
2. What do we experience as the Earth rotates toward and away from the sun?
3. How many times does the Earth make this rotation each year?
4. What gives us data that proves the Earth is rotating?
5. What caused the pendulum to swing in a different direction in Jean Foucault’s experiment?
6. What is the shape of the Earth compared to?
The Solar

1. spicy – food is strongly seasoned
2. unsatisfactory – it is not sufficient or good enough
3. undone- it has come apart
4. ravaged – destroyed
5. broadcast – a message has sent through the radio or television
6. calculations – the results f mathematical equations
7. vigil – a time of watching and observing
8. marveled – looked at with wonder

New Vocabulary
1. Bristol board – cardboard with a smooth surface
2. prickly ash – a shrub or small tree with yellowish flowers
3. juniper – an evergreen shrub or tree of the cypress family
4. Taurus, Pleiades, Hyades – Taurus is a constellation that contains the star clusters Pleiades and Hyades. It is represented by the bull’s forequarters.
5. axis – a strait line around which a geometric figure rotates.
6. satellite – an object in space that orbits another object of larger size
7. equator – the imaginary line encircling the Earth of equal distance between the North and South poles.
8. revolution – a single complete turn of the Earth around the sun.
OLPB p.45-46
1. Mexican food is very _____________ because it has many hot chili peppers.
2. The student got an ____________ grade when he did not study for the test.
3. The knot in the rope come ______________ and my boat drifted away.
4. The storm _____________ my flower garden and now I will have to replant.
5. The story will be _________________ on television tonight at 10 pm.
6. My ______________ on the math assignment were correct.
7. The ____________ for my grandmother lasted 2 hours.
8. The child _______________ at the room full of toys.
9. I used _____________ to make a poster.
10. The _______________ has beautiful yellow flowers.
11. The ______________ is a type of tree in the cypress family.
12. The constellation ______________ has the star clusters ______ and ______.
13. The Earth spins on its ___________.
14. The moon is a ____________ of the Earth.
15. The _________ is located an equal distance from the North and South Poles.
16. One ____________ of the Earth around the Sun equals a year.
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