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Sophia Zimmer- Margaret Sanger D period

No description

Sophia Zimmer

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of Sophia Zimmer- Margaret Sanger D period

Here is a part of a New York Times Article About Birth Control From September 9th, 1923:
Map Of Margaret's Late home- NYC
A political Cartoon
This is my political cartoon, from the August 1914 copy of
The Woman Rebel.
This cartoon is depicting that the woman obviously did not take birth control. Her doctor is telling her that because of that, her child will most likely kill her. The woman [Mrs. Judd], wants the doctor to tell her that she will survive, but doctor does not want to lie. The word 'another' in the conversation shows that she has already had many children.
A picture of Margaret Sanger
Sophia Zimmer
Margaret Sanger (1879-1966)
D period
Mrs. Drobnick

This is a map of New York City. It is significant to Margaret Sanger because she had most of her career experiences in this city. This is also where the first birth control clinic was established
This is my primary source document. It is an article from a September 1923 issue of the New York Times. It is explaining the need for birth control, as there are too many babies! It explains the basic statistics and how it is difficult for 'unwanted' children for find corporate jobs.
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