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Unit 6 Part 3 – Sports Development Initiatives

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Reece Kite

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Unit 6 Part 3 – Sports Development Initiatives

Sports development Unit 6 Part 3 photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Is it successful? Sports M.A.T.E. Sports M.A.T.E. (Mentoring, Access, Training, Equality) supports young disabled people to participate in main stream sport clubs/opportunities through provision of a personalized mentoring and referral scheme.
Aim - To increase regular participation of young disabled people in sports clubs / sports opportunities of their choice and at a level of their choice.
What they provide -
•Link volunteer mentors with participants including young leaders
•Engage the community club through confidence building
•Make phone calls discussing club opportunities So why Sports M.A.T.E? Experience from a range of partners involved in promoting sport to disabled people in London has identified that disabled young people are less likely to participate in sport than non-disabled young people, the reason being is that groups and activities held by sports or youth centers are very catered towards people with no disabilities therefore people with these difficulties may find it very hard if not impossible to join these groups due to lack of coaching experience and parental support of course all this hard work can't go unnoticed therefore here is a brief list of the impacts that they have provided in order to contribute to participation in sports for young people.

9,000 new young people engaged in regular sports club participation
Increased youth development opportunities through our Youth Development Legacy Project
Increased regular female sports participation through our Active Women project
Increased disability provision at our clubs through our Disability Legacy Project Quicksticks hockey Quicksticks is a 4 a side introduction and simple start to the sport hockey, this activity is designed especially for the ages ranging from 7-11 years of age. this activity is very versatile and therefore can be played on any surface. The game is designed in a manner that is easy to deliver and learn the rules and have a basic understanding of the activity on both ends including the coaches who may not have prior knowledge of hockey.

It is a fast paced and very enjoyable game and easy to pick up allowing coaches with little or no experience to get involved also! The quicksticks festivals! Surbiton HC Quicksticks Festival
Over 100 children took part in a Quicksticks tournament at Surbiton HC in January which officially launched Suburban Hockey as a newly registered charity. The children were divided into “10 world cup” teams and competed for their countries. The children were also treated to an expert coaching session from GB hockey star Matt Daly. Holyrood Academy Quicksticks Tournament
Holyrood Academy played host to 11 teams from it's feeder Primary Schools in a December Quicksticks tournament supported by young leaders. West Norfolk SSP Quicksticks Tournament
24 teams entered the West Norfolk SSP Quicksticks tournament in November hosted by Pelicans HC. On hand to congratulate the young players was U18 England player Ella Picton. Success?? We find that quick sticks hockey can be very successful, reason being is that it can be played at all ages but gives younger people a great introduction to it if thinking about moving onto full hockey, furthmore to tell its sucess we can tell from the multiple festivals full to the brim with children eager to play this fun filled activity, these include celebirties and sporting stars even. Compare and contrast! Sports M.A.T.E

Allows large numbers of eager sports people with a disability to take part in main stream sports
qualified coaches to handle and manage a group of disabled people in a safe environment
provides up to 6 hours of support including referrals to clubs and establishments to get all participants of the Sports M.A.T.E program involved in sport.
Lack of funding is one of the biggest flaws in any initiative with that being the main priority this can lead to lack of correct facilities and large fund raising schemes will of course be time consuming a sensible solution to this issue rather than making a loan. it would be better to aquire sponsers and use the money to pay for important factors that would be benificial for it such as free transportation
lack of transportation, this is not provided and therefore can be very problematic for some who do not own their own car and will result in loosing potential participants, a solution to this would be to come up with a money raising shceme such as a fund raising event and use the money from potential sponsers in order to pay for a mini bus to pick up participants. Quick sticks hockey

Quick sticks is brilliant because of its simplicity, this means that it provides a great start point for participants and coaches looking at developing their knowledge of the sport.
Creditability, since this has become so popular thought the UK it of course cannot go without being unnoticed with multiple awards and numerous sporting celebrity appearances this of course leaves a large image and reputation increasing participants by a significant amount.
There are no signs of the equipment being suitable for those with a disability therefore it may prove to be somewhat difficult if wanting to use this equipment with a group of those with a physical handicap, a potential solution to this issue would be to email the company and perhaps discuss an idea to make it more orientated around those with a disability and mention how it could be benificial to the company as a whole
in the game itself it is known that the game has very few stoppages for fast paced action, while this is good to keep active those who stuggle in the cardiovascular fitness department or perhaps have a health issue that would hinder their performance may find this too demanding and will fatigue to easily compare and contrast Direct comparisons here we can see that quicksticks has large investments and is a very popular idea with numerous participants as the equipment can be ordered to anyone as compared sports m.a.t.e that lacks any form of transportation therefore the events will lack particiapants who do not own personal transportation and will result in the number of participants to decrease, furthermore quicksticks compared to the other sports initiative has had multiple awards and celebrity guests, this is far different to the sports m.a.t.e that is simply a project and has yet to be fully acknowledged, furthermore with quicksticks they have a large funding from sponsers and from the company sports england a very large enterprise as compared to sports m.a.t.e which is something that is somewhat lacking, this is evident due to lack of advertisement and simply staying in project phase rather than a full plan to help those with a disability. Finally the quicksticks has its own festival in order to advertise the products or (equipment available and show the benifits for all sporting facilities and schools to get involved in the game) this is something sports M.A.T.E lacks which does not promote the benifits of this project. With quick sticks benifit of having large credibility this improves the image this is due to being known throughout the country as a fun and interesting way to learn the very foundation of hockey, and with an improved image comes respect and accredability increasing the amount of people who would take an interest in this as compared to sports M.A.T.E which is still yet to be acknowledged as a full sports initative which can potentially decrease the amount of possible participants that may find this useful in getting involved in sports activity.
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