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Comparison Pharma

No description

Mathias Demleitner

on 25 May 2014

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Transcript of Comparison Pharma

Try to preventing, alleviating or curing diseases
Improving diagnostic techniques.

Expand the position in attractive markets
Growth through innovation
Expand to emerging markets

Comparison in the Pharma Industry
Mathias Demleitner 543936
Regina Tello 543962
Maria Pedro Martí 537759
Pascal Moui 543964
Shayan Ravandoust 522479
Mikke Sundman 544066
Structure is divided to:
Material Science
Crop Science
Health Care

39.760 Mio. € Bayer Group
18.612 Mio. € Health Care

110.000 Bayer Group
55.300 Health Care
Basic Information:
Basic Information:
Founded in 1945
Largest mexican pharmaceutical company
Socially responsible company
Leading supplier to private hospitals
Currently has more than 14,000 employees
Business Units
Pisa Farmacéuticaa
Satisfy the customers, through the development of Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Equipment.

Create high quality products
Use new technologies to impact the pharmaceutical sector
Reach international markets
- Founded in 1969
- Market leader
- Socially & Environmentally friendly
- 900 highly-qualified professionals
- Total sales of €335 million in 2012
- 5 product lines

Basic information:
Founded in 1917
Two business segments:
Pharmaceuticals business
Diagnostics business
Turnover: 980 mil €
3500 employees

Orion Pharma
"Building well-being by being an innovative European R&D-based pharmaceutical and diagnostic company with a special emphasis on developing medicinal treatments and diagnostic tests for the global markets"

Growth of business operations through a competitive product portfolio
Strengthening the market position in Europe
Improving the flexibility and efficiency of operations
Founded in 1886
Medical Equipment
Owns hundreds of subsidiaries
Fortune 500 company (106)

Number of employees : 117,900
Revenue 2012 : 47,478 Mil €
To be responsible towards doctors, nurses, patients, our employees, our communities and our shareholders through the provision of high quality products and services.

Marketing Strategy:
Expand global reach through decentralized management approach
Focus on long term equity of brands, build customer loyalty

- Product: pharmaceuticals
- Price: Market specific
- Place: 50 countries
- Promotion: TV
4 P´s
Product: pharmaceuticals
Price: Market Specific
Place: Mexico and Latin America
Promotion: TV
Provide pharmaceutical solutions with high quality for the health and welfare of citizens
- Cinfa manage the entire process of medicines development
- Reinvests 90% of its profits in the company every year
Product: pharmaceuticals
Price: Depends on the country
Place: Worldwide
Promotion: Sponsoring Football Team, TV, Radio
4 p's
Product: pharmaceuticals and diagnostics
Price: Differs by market
Place: Worldwide
Promotion: TV and radio
4 P´s
Four P's
Product: Pharmaceuticals/ Medical Equipment
Price: Differs by country , in USA: within the CPI
Place: Worldwide
Promotion: Advertising campaigns, Involvement in health initiatives
Founded on the 10th september of 1973
The first French pharmaceutical company and world number 5 in 2011.
Employees : 110 000
Turnover in 2012 : 35 billion of euros

This global group focused on seven main areas:
central nervous system,
•metabolic diseases
•internal medicine and vaccines.

Mission :
• To reposition Sanofi to ensure a more stable and sustainable growth in sales and earnings basis.
• Increasing its diversification and investing in seven growth platforms (Emerging Markets, support Diabetes, Vaccines, Consumer Health Care, Animal Health, New Genzyme and other Innovative Products).

Strategy :

• Be a world leader in healthcare with synergistic platforms
• Bringing innovative products to market
• Seize opportunities for value-added growth
• Adapt structures to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead

4 P's
Product : pharmaceuticals
Price : it depends
Place : worldwide
Promotion : Tv, internet

Considering their active multinational presence, all of these companies must adapt to a similar arrangement of the marketing mix which generally includes:
Flexible market specific pricing
Major advertising campaigns
Standardized product lines adapted to specific markets
Due to the sensitivity of the use of medical materials and equipment and worldwide standards for such products, all of the target companies deploy similar marketing strategies along their value chain.
"In what way do these companies differ in their marketing strategies?"
Company Overview
Marketing strategy
Four P's
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