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Copy of Persuasion: Sojourner Truth

Lesson Plan 10th Grade English - LAUSD req.

Cassandra Baker

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Persuasion: Sojourner Truth

Persuasion is...
the art of getting what you want
the art of getting people to see the world through your eyes
the art of getting people to understand and accept your way of thinking, believing, or feeling
Mexican-American students protested LAUSD demanding a better education, known as the"Chicano Blowout," 1968
Cesar Chavez speaking at a "Grapes of Wrath Boycott" protest, 1964
Major figure in Feminist movements since the early 1970s
The 1st African-American President, Barack Obama
Asian-American women fighting stereotypes
Martin Luther King's famous speech, "I have a dream..."
work as a whole class to:
discuss Sojourner Truth as an influential figure in America's history

annotate the speech "Ain't I a Woman" in RWNB using reading comprehension strategies

identify the elements of PERSUASION used: argument, rebuttal, logos, pathos, ethos, parallel structure, repetition, and allusion

work in small groups to:
create a T-Chart graphic organizer in the RWNB to differentiate what the author is "saying" and what the author is "doing" to persuade the audience

work independently to:
write a response to one of the two BIG QUESTIONS for this lesson in a 15-minute Quick Write
Sojourner Truth (1797? - 1893)
Big Question #2
How is PERSUASION used to influence me?
Washington D.C. Emancipation Hall, 2009
Listen, Read, and ANNOTATE
A Tribute to Sojourner Truth
Today's women leaders unveil the bust of Sojourner Truth
Sojourner Truth was...
an illiterate black woman born into slavery who
died a free American Feminist, Abolitionist, and author.
She used her life experience to speak the truth as she saw it.
Her persuasive speeches
changed people's minds about
women and African Americans.
If you are a woman or a person of color, Sojourner Truth used persuasion in her speeches to argue for your freedom, for your right to vote, for your civil rights, and for your equality.
The Legacy of Sojourner Truth's PERSUASIVE Speeches
Sojourner Truth with President Abraham Lincoln
Sojourner Truth's Speech, 1851
"Ain't I a Woman?"
Discussion Questions
1. In your RWNB create a T-Chart

2. Label the left column "SAYING"REREAD "Ain't I a Woman?"

3. For each paragraph identify the arguments and rebuttals, and supporting evidence

4. Summarize the arguments, rebuttals, and supporting evidence that you found for every paragraph in the "SAYING" column
Time: 10 minutes
Summarize each paragraph and identify
Questions to Help Your Analysis
the rhetorical appeals and persuasive devices here (academic vocab)
1. Do we see a pattern in the speech?
2. What is Sojourner Truth's claim?
3. Did the arguments that she rebuts express dominant views then (1851)? Now (2012)?
4. What rhetorical appeals did Sojourner Truth use to make her argument persuasive?
5. What devices (look at the academic vocabulary) did she use to make her speech persuasive?
1. Who is making the arguments?

2. Who is making the rebuttals?

3. Do you see the following devices were used:

Allusion? If so, what is being alluded / referred to? Why?

Parallel Structure and Repetition? If so, cite where, explain how, and analyze why?

Logical Appeal (LOGOS), an Ethical Appeal (ETHOS), or an Emotional Appeal (PATHOS)? If so, is the appeal PERSUASIVE? Explain how and analyze why?

REMEMBER to evaluate the credibility of the arguments / rebuttals and the supporting evidence to determine whether or not you think the arguments and/or rebuttals are persuasive.
Time: 15 minutes
How is PERSUASION used to influence me?
Time: 15 minutes
Persuasion in
to influence
positive CHANGE
in America!
Lesson Plan
(Pg. 42)
How do people use PERSUASION to inspire positive change?
Big Question #1
"Meet the Writer"
on pg. 41
Who was
Sojourner Truth?
Be Prepared
to Share
With the Class
How do people use PERSUASION to inspire
positive change?
Respond to the two BIG QUESTIONS in your RWNB
RWNB: Interpreting Sojourner Truth
1. REREAD the speech

2. Use Reading Comprehension (RC) Strategies to write NOTES for EACH PARAGRAPH in the wide right margin

3. In the narrow left margin column identify the strategy you used (VISUALIZE, SUMMARIZE, CLARIFY, CONNECT, RESPOND, QUESTION, INFER*)

4. In the bottom space write a brief SUMMARY of Sojourner Truth's speech. Use the questions below to get you started if you need help:
What is it about? What is her claim / position?
Time: 15 minutes
Sojourner Truth speaks directly to certain men in the audience. These men made different arguments to support their shared claim/position that men are superior to women.
RC Strategy
Summarize each paragraph and identify
1. Label the left column "Doing"

2. Write your analysis for every argument, rebuttal, and supporting evidence that you found
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