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Zeus report

No description

Eduard Luca

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of Zeus report

Zeus Quick facts He was superior to all other gods.
He was the god of the sky.
He was also called the father of all other gods. His animal was the Eagle. He was the king of gods, god of sky and weather, law, order, and fate. He started out as a Greek
god and was transfered
to the Romans religion in
about 600 BC He was usually described with
a dark beard and a sturdy,
mature figure with an angry
voice. His main attributes are an
eagle, a royal scepter, and a lightning bolt.
His other attributes are the chariot palace
and sacred animals with plants. He was called mighty, holy, splendid, light, aerial, flaming, fiery bright, an untamed beast. His dad was Kronos and his mom was Rhea. His children were Terpsichore Heracles Peruseus Persephone Aphrodite Athena Dionysus Apollo Ares the Graces the Fates and more. He was in all myths. He was usually the hero of the day. His most famous myths are Works Cited


http://www.pantheon.org/articles/z/zeus.html By:
Eduard Luca
Ty Bivins The End Zeus and mankind

The regard in which Zeus held man is unclear, as different myths involving Zeus' relationship and encounters with humankind offer varied evidence. For example, in the famous myth of Promethius and Pandora, Zeus forbids man to be given fire as Zeus wishes to keep it for the gods and to prevent humans from advancing by gaining the methods with which to cook food, forge tools and keep warm. When Promethius disobeyed this decree by stealing a spark of divine fire and giving it to men, Zeus chained the titan and punished him by having an eagle peck out his liver every day. Not satisfied with punishing Promethius, Zeus also had his fellow gods craft the first woman, Pandora, and gave her to the world with a box she was never to open. However, Zeus had given her intense curiosity, thus leading to her being unable to follow instruction and opening the box, releasing all the evils of the world to plague mankind. Zues was in most myths. This is
one of them.
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