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E-Book Pirates!


Vana Leika

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of E-Book Pirates!

•E-books and it supporting technologies will have a positive impact on the industry and to the society at large
•To analyze how the issue of e-book piracy is being discussed in the different platforms are representing and their take on the issue

Stakeholders: Publishers, Authors & Consumers
Media Reports Media monitoring through Newsmap for 2 weeks
News reports: utopian view of the e-book technologies
Focus on advancements by big companies
Mainly when famous author are affected
Economic implications
Publishers don’t want piracy to be highlighted
Many of these media sources are under the same conglomerate as their publishing counterparts Public Discussion Academic Journals Background Research Findings Recommendation Difficult to procure information
Not up to date
Mostly on legal issues
Objective with viewpoints
Benefits for both users and publishers
Highlights some positive aspects
Marketing and promotional avenues
Similarities Differences Stakeholders
Readers v/s Authors
Legal implications v/s
Creative development

Economical implications
Fighting for publishers
People who are worried linked to publishing companies
More polished product
Increase efficiency and cater to a new generation of customers
No international borders
Nonchalance & no cause for concern

Publishers should adapt to technological advancements
Learn to incorporate into their business strategy
Utilize it as a promotional and marketing tool
To monitor popularity of books
Promote up and coming authors
Cost saving
Narrow the digital divide

Hypothesis and Methodology P ublisher to constantly innovate and work to meet customers needs
E-book piracy: not as detrimental to cultural capital as pirated music
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