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The Cay Prezi- Janki Devdhara- Coral Reefs

No description

Janki Devdhara

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of The Cay Prezi- Janki Devdhara- Coral Reefs

By: Janki Devdhara Coral Reefs Coral reefs form when little coral larvae float around and attach themselves to a rock like substance and slowly a reef begins to form.

The pieces of the reefs are made from polyps and and some dead sea animal skeletons. Also a coral reef produces calcium carbonate which give the coral a good formation base.

Three main characteristics of a reef are fringing, barrier, & atoll. How are coral reefs
formed? There are so many fish that live in coral reefs. There are about 1500 kinds of fish, snakes,eels, turtles, etc. The most of which we know that live in coral reefs are eels like in the Cay Philip felt a moray eel. Also our friend Nemo (clown fish) is also commonly found living in coral reefs. Some fish also use reefs to hide when their predator is near. What type of fish live
in coral reefs? The largest coral reef is The Great Barrier Reef in Australia.It extends about 2000 km long. It starts in Queensland all the way through the Torres Strait.It has 400 different types of coral and 4,000 different types of molluscs. Where and what is
the biggest coral reef? Coral reefs get their colors from zooxanthellae in the water. The coral has zooxanthellae inside the plant and the polyp reacts with each other and give off the colors. How do coral reefs get
the different colors from? Plankton in the water trap sunlight energy and convert it into chemical energy. Then the chemical energy is used. It s basically photosynthesis underwater. Then other plants in the water eat the coral and the cycle continues. Where do coral reefs
get their food & energy from? Coral reefs normally grow when the water temperature is 68-82 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of water temperature is normally found on eastern sides of land. They also grow in parts of the water where there is a lot of wave action because this brings food and nutrients faster. Coral reefs also need a lot of calcium and that is found in shallow waters. Is there a certain temperature coral reefs grow in? Work Cites People have started to conserve more water
Recycling has increased a little bit to help prevent pollution and less harm to the water
People have started volunteering groups to help and keep the water clean
Try to make less trash What is being done to save dying coral reefs? The coral reefs are being destroyed be acidity. It happens by man made carbon dioxide that gets in the atmosphere and it has slowly started to deteriorate the reefs. How do the coral reefs
die out? http://oceanservice.noaa.gov/education/kits/corals/coral04_reefs.html http://www.reef.crc.org.au/discover/plantsanimals/facts_plantanimal.htm http://goaustralia.about.com/od/qldsightseeing/ss/great-barrier-reef.htm http://www.lifeintheseas.com/moray1.html zooxanthellae plankton http://kids.nceas.ucsb.edu/biomes/coralreef.html
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