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Introduction to Drama

Parts of a drama

Sara Sawyer

on 30 November 2010

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Transcript of Introduction to Drama

DRAMA Introduction to the basic parts of... What is an Act? An act is a big division of a play.
Most acts complete a certain mood of the play.
Break between acts is known as Intermission What is a scene?? A scene is a small division of a play.
Each scene changes either the time or the place or both. Staging Stage Directions & •Staging is the process of selecting, designing, adapting to, or modifying the performance space for a play or film. This includes the use or absence of stagecraft elements as well as the structure of the stage and its components.
•Stage Directions are a playwright's written instructions about how the actors are to move and behave in a play. They explain in which direction characters should move, what facial expressions they should assume, and so on. Playwright A playwright is the author of a play... often a playwright will write a play as a different ADAPTATION of a book. An adaptation is is the adapting of a literary source (e.g., a novel, short story, poem) to another genre or medium So what is drama?? a written work intended for performance by actors on a stage
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