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Jim Crow Laws

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amanda lake

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Jim Crow Laws





Experience Under Jim Crow Laws
She was the Dean of Women at Fisk University in Nashville, TN She was returning home to Georgia , when she was badly injured in a head on collision near Dalton in 1931. A white doctor gave her emergency treatment but the Dalton hospital wouldn't admit her because she was black. She had to be driven to a Chattanooga hospital. She then died the next day.
Life for a African- American
With the Medical Laws in place most African-Americans that got sick had a hard time finding hospitals because most of the hospitals allowed white people only. Many African-Americans died, some from the flu.
Walter white headed to the NAACP in 1931. His father was struck on a city street by a car driven by a white doctor. He was rushed to Grady hospital and thinking he was caucasian "the best doctors in the hospital worked feverishly to save his life" white said. When they learned that he was a black when a darker skinned relative came in to see how his condition was he was hurried across the street in the rain to the negro annex. This annex was the only hospital facility available to atlantas 90,000 blacks. The grady annex had dirty, run down buildings with huge cockroaches and aggressive rats. White wrote that when his father died, "he was ushered out of life in the meanest of circumstances an implacable color line had decreed for all negroes, whatever their character or circumstances might be."
The Howard Medical School violation
Jim Crow Medical Facility Laws

What Happened To Walter Whites father?
Hospital Entrances
"Being patrolled by the governing authorities every hospital that treats white and colored people in the state should have separate rooms and entrances. Visitors are required to use the entrance of their own race no exceptions."
What would America be like if Jim crow laws existed now?
If Jim crow laws exist today, it would be harder to find jobs, go to schools, make friends and cure illness that exist in today's day because of limitation in hospitals or care centers.
Mental Hospitals
"The Board of Control will separate the apartments so that the whites and blacks don't room together."
"No person or corporation can require any kind of white female nurse to nurse in a ward/room of a black man at any time"
Howard medical opened in november of 1868. it was opened to all races and sexes. in 1872 the association banned the howard delegation from its annual meeting since the school allowed men and women to take classes together and hired a women physician to teach the class. The action violated the Americas medical association "code of ethics" which clarified all female and black physicians no matter there qualifications as "irregular practitioners."
Juliette Derricotte
Circumstances Of Violating The Laws
African-americans that violated any of the laws were either imprisoned not less than 30 days nor over a year, fined not less than 500 dollars nor more than 1000 dollars, lynched, or guilty of a misdemeanor.
Meharry Medical College was founded in Nashville, Tennessee in 1876. Meharry's lack of qualified students was because most African American colleges didnt offer the science courses that AMA recommended. The new standards made it almost impossible for Meharry to remain open. Meharry was one of only two African-American medical schools to meet the academic standards of the Flexner Report. Without the school african americans would have a very small chance to become a physician and many would not have medical care.

"Separate buildings for black and white patients in hospitals for the insane."

"Separate tuberculosis hospitals to be established for Negroes."

"All human blood to be used in the state of Louisiana for transfusions are to be labeled with the word “Caucasian,” “Negroid,” or “Mongoloid” so as to clearly indicate the race of the donor. If the blood was not labeled it was not permitted to be used."

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