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Marine Biologist

No description

justin justin

on 23 July 2014

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Transcript of Marine Biologist

Marine Biologist
by Justin
Types of maths that are frequently used are
-Data Management
Why is math important ?
Math is important in marine biology because science is strongly related in math. For example you can use math to determine the rate at which the water flows in one region to the next!
Working Conditions
The working conditions vary depending on what you are doing at the time. A marine biologist can be solving mathematical equations inside or outside doing research in the aquatic.
It is recommended for students to take many science and math courses during highschool. Such as biology, physics, calculus, data management etc...

At your post secondary school you will have to obtain a degree in marine biology. You will be taking many math, zoology courses.
Job Advancement
Marine biologist with very little experience are often assisting more experience marine biologists. The best way for advancement is to go for your masters or phd after your bachelors. Marine biologist with a phd often pursue their own research and are leading a team. It should take around 7-11 years.
What is a Marine Biologist?
A marine biologist is the scientific study of organisms in the ocean or other marine or brackish bodies of water.
How do we use math in Marine Biology?
Did you know?

The creator of the famous animated series SpongeBob Squarepants is also a marine biologist.
What are the working conditions of this job?

Marine biologists will commonly work in small teams. This allows more work to be completed in a smaller amount of time.
at qu
alifications are required?

What opportunities for advancement are there?
What is the job outlook?
Job outlook.
The field is very competitive since there are more marine biologist than the current demand. Employers of this job are usually by the government, museums, laboratories etc.
The best way to gain a better chance at getting a job is to have volunteer experience, strong grades in sciences/math and also taking other courses related to this job such as zoology.
What are the potential earnings?
The earnings for a marine biologist are all relative to how much experience you have. If you had just graduated and found a job with no experience you can make up to around 35,000$, but if you are an experienced marine biologist you can make around 100,000$.

Stephen Hillenburg
Stephen Hillenburg was born August 21, 1961. When Stephen was young he watched many films about the ocean which strongly fascinated him. He enjoyed snorkeling and diving. This eventually led him to study marine biology in college. Before he decided to study animation.
Trigonometry is commonly used in marine biology. For example we can use cosine and sine (including sine functions) to track ocean currents.
Calculus is used frequently because it is commonly used to analyze data. For example we can use it to find the rate of change of quantities, lengths, areas, volume, surface area etc
Not fascinated enough?
Did you know that only 5% of the ocean has been discovered? There are still thousands of unknown species yet to be discovered!
Other Skills

Having a good education isn't the only way to becoming a successful marine biologist. If you are able to
-Have a passion for the career
-Love of animals
-Able to speak English

This will put you ahead of other marine biologists.

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