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Gemma Prezi 1


john lyons

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Gemma Prezi 1

VOICE OUR CONCERN "Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable" - Banksy What is Art? "Art is when people don't say what they are thinking but instead choose to draw and paint their opinions and feelings" "Art is a way of communicating what you really believe, it is freedom." Donnacha McCormack Ciara Goggins "It's like when you go to a concert and all sorts of different people are there but no matter how different everyone is, they are all thinking the same thing ‘we have something to believe in’. I want to draw that feeling" Shannon Ramsell "I would like to bring Art to improbable places, create projects so huge with the community that they are forced to ask themselves questions." JR JR 'Women are Heros' 2008-09 "I love the way he has the courage to do something so huge in such a dangerous area, to stand up for other people, it's the most powerful peaceful protest I've ever seen" 5th Yr Student Banksy "The human race is the most stupid and unfair kind of race. A lot of runners don't even get decent sneakers or clean drinking water."
Banksy "Banksy is the coolest artist, he says what he wants and because it's so illegal and controversial it gets more media time than any ad a charity can make, and it's Art." 5th Yr Student Vik Muniz
'Pictures in Garbage' 2008 "Art objects are inanimate sad bits of matter hanging in the dark when no one is looking. The artist only does half the work; the viewer has to come up with the rest, and it is by empowering the viewer that the miracle of art gains it's force." Vik Muniz "I love the way he gives value to things that seem worthless....and I guess that means the people too. It makes you think about people's place in society and how some people are born with all the opportunities and others aren't." 5th Yr Student Sherin Neshat
'Women of Allah' 1993-97 "Every Iranian Artist in one form or another is Political. Politics have defined our lives." Sherin Neshat "Her work is beautiful and balanced and still holds layers and layers of meaning. That's what Art's all about." 5th Yr Student "Some of the worlds blackest holes are out in the open for the world to see." Joe Sacco Joe Sacco
'Footnotes on Gaza' "Art should make you feel... human, like that there is other stuff going on in the world that's more important than facebook, Xbox and why he hasn't texted back" 5th Year Student Preliminary project 'There are many ways to say I love you' 'Is he too into you?' 'Broken' 'Drinking hurts' Gemma Tierney
St. Aidans C.C
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