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No description

Sarah Patel

on 27 September 2017

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Transcript of 3.01

Did you hear about that new soda tax? Now we have to pay extra tax on sugary drinks and iced teas. They make you pay extra cents per
! Isn't that crazy!
Dudley Dursely
I know it's such a great idea. Now we will have less obese people and we could be healthier too. I thought it was brilliant way to get people to stop drinking sugary drinks by raising the prices.
Harry Potter
Those aren't healthier options. Just because they say they say there becoming healthier restaurants they still serve the same sugary drinks as before.They are not really helping you be healthier.
Harry Potter
A great idea, more like a horrible idea. I don't want to pay more money on my favorite drinks. I'm starting to feel how the colonists felt when British started taxing their tea! I hate it so much!
Dudley Dursely
3.01 Interpreting History
By: Sarah Patel
I know seems kind of bad now. But you'll be healthier and also if you really want to drink soda, drink diet instead. It's the same thing without the sugar and they wont be taxing it.
Harry Potter
Dudley Dursely
Diet soda! Blegh! Diet soda tastes nothing like regular soda. Besides I don't understand why they have to tax soda. Many fast food restaurants are helping people with obesity by offering healthier options.
Instead of taxing soda the government should start some initiative on exercising out more. So we can work off the calories we drink. That way we can enjoy our drinks and be healthy!
Dudley Dursely
No problem Dudley. If everybody decided to change their diet like you did, we would have a much less percentage of obese people. This soda tax will help people be healthier and be more active!
Harry Potter
Yeah I guess your right. It just so hard to stop drinking my favorite drinks. I always drank them so it'll take some time. I realize that these sugary drinks aren't the only unhealthy think I consume. I really need to fix my diet. I'm going to start right now by eating apple. Thanks for helping me realize how bad my diet was Harry.
Dudley Dursely
What! That makes no sense! I just did some research and if you drink a bottle of soda, it would take you an hour of running to burn the calories from it. You and I both know that running for a whole hour is very hard to do and nobody has the time.
Harry Potter
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