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That same year foreigners called Tartars came in countless n

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Christene Stratman

on 19 May 2016

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Transcript of That same year foreigners called Tartars came in countless n

Mongols used terror as a weapon
Mongols in Middle East
Prince Alexander Nevskii of Novgorod
Disease & Trade
Trade along the Silk Road reached a high point under the Mongol Empire
Middle East depopulated and land/infrastructure destroyed
Russia and Iran
But it was too late to oppose the wrath of God, as was said of old by God, to Joshua,son of Nun, when leading them to the promised land, then he said: 'I shall before you send upon them perplexity, and thunder, and fear, and trembling.' Thus also did God before these men take from us our strength and put into us perplexity and thunder and dread and trembling for our sins.
The Chronicle of Novgorod
That same year foreigners called Tartars came in countless numbers, like locusts, into the land of Ryazan, and on first coming they halted at the river Nukhla, and took it, and halted in camp there. And thence they sent their emissaries to the [Princes] of Ryazan, a sorceress and two men with her, demanding from them one-tenth of everything; of men and princes and horses of everything one-tenth.
And when the lawless ones had already come near and set up battering rams, and took the town and fired it on Friday before Sexagesima Sunday, the [Prince] and Knyaginya and [Arch-bishop], seeing that the town was on fire and that the people were already perishing, some by fire and others by sword, took refuge in the Church of the Holy Mother of God and shut themselves in the Sacristy. The pagans breaking down the doors, piled up wood and set fire to the sacred church; and slew all
And so the pagans took the town, and slew all from the male sex even to the female, all the priests and the monks, cutting down everybody like grass...
"surrender or die"
.5 - 1 million people perished
submits to Mongols and accepts title of Prince
Mongols control Russia from afar; they rely on local princes to collect taxes
Mongols have little cultural or religious impact
Began w/ utter destruction
Samarkand, destroyed--> pyramid of skulls
Ugrench --> up to one million killed?
Siege of Baghdad
90-200,000 killed
Great Library Destroyed
Mongol leaders at first were Buddhist; then they adopted Islam
Culture remained fundamentally Islamic
Ilkhanate declines due to plague
unified trade route
protected merchants
first use of passports?
But this increased trade also made it easier for diseases to travel!
Black Death
Kievan Rus
What do you remember about the Kievan Rus?
Raids to get slaves for Ottomans drain human resources
1223, The Horde Comes!!!
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