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1800 - American Dream

No description

Megan Tiller

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of 1800 - American Dream

Prior to the 1870’s America favored immigration. Immigrants were welcomed with open arms to pursue the American Dream. There were few restrictions and immigrants easily fit in and contributed to their new communities.
Groups were formed that opposed immigration. They saw immigrants as a threat to their own interests and belief systems.
The United States government began to control the immigration process thus making it more difficult for immigrants to pursue the American Dream they had heard and dreamed about from abroad.
As groups began to collide based on their differing view of immigration, the United States Government felt the need to respond
The Immigration Commission required immigrants to reveal religious beliefs, set up entrance exams to test education levels, checked criminal backgrounds to catch fleeing criminals, and pursued information concerning personal wealth or lack of wealth. This was the first of what we would now consider religious, racial, educational, or financial profiling.
1800 - American Dream
During the 1800’s America’s views on immigration began to change.
Because the immigration process became so much more complicated, the U.S. government set up the Immigration Commission to oversee and enforce the restrictions and regulations pertaining to immigration.
The Immigrations Commission’s job was to control who was allowed to pursue the American Dream from abroad. Ellis Island was established and a check point for all who would try to step foot on American soil.
Some Americans saw immigrants as a source of cheap labor and revenue.
In response to the groups opposing immigration, other factions were formed to protect and support immigrants and their interests.
The 1800’s were significant in the history of the American Dream because for the first time the American government starting regulating immigration, thus making the pursuit of the American Dream for those not born on U.S. soil more difficult than ever.
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