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Construction Management

No description

Charissa Kong

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Construction Management

Urban Development
Charissa Kavan Kong

Charissa Kavan Kong

Date of Birth:
5th April 1995



Construction Management

History Of Construction Management
Achievement of profession
Construction management is the overall planning and control of a project from beginning to completion. The construction industry is composed of five sectors: residential, commercial, heavy civil, industrial, and environmental. This may include different types of equipment, materials, subcontractors, and possibly locations. A contractor is assigned to a construction project once the design has been completed by the architect or is still in progress. This is done by going through a bidding process with different contractors. The contractor is selected by using one of the three selection methods: low-bid selection, best-value selection, or qualifications-based selection. A construction manager should have the ability to handle public safety, time management, decision making, mathematics, and human resources.
Petronas Twin Tower is located in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.
Urban Development Faculty
It is 451.9 metres tall
and there's 88 floors
Malaysia crown Jewel
Commenced in April 1994 and completed in June 1996.
Future Innovation
Contract Administrator
Project Manager
Urban Designer
Career Prospect
Construction Manager
Urban & regional planner
(photo story,2012)
Reference List
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-Supplement to documents that issued prior to taking receipt of bids, for the purpose of clarifying, correcting, or otherwise changing bid documents previously issued.

As-built drawings
-Drawings that show the work that is actually installed and it is also known as Record Drawings.

-Degree to which set of Bid Documents could be reasonably expected to permit a bidder to establish a competitive price to perform the Work as defined in the Bid Documents.

-The amount allocated by the owner for a project/program

CM Free
-A form of contractual payment for services, where CM is paid a fee for services performed.
Critical Path Method
-A technique used to plan and control a project.
-Contingency time that exists on a schedule of activities. It is measured by comparing the early and late dates on a start and finish basis.
- An interest in property to secure payment of a debt
Punch List
-A list made near completion of a construction work indicating items of work that is unfinished, do not meet quality or quantity requirements
-Identification of all requirements of a project or contract
Trade Off Study
-The study to define the comparative values and risks of a substitution or exchange of a design component. The trade-off can identify both monetary and functional values. Also known as Alternatives Analysis.
Value Analysis
-Value Engineering
Special Consultants
-The designation for various professionals, such as engineers, architects, designers and other experts,who provide expertise in specialized fields.

Post Construction Phase
-The period following substantial completion.
Performance bond
-A pledge from a surety to pay the bond amount to the owner or contractor in the event of a default in performance of contractual obligations.
Milestone Schedule
-A schedule representing important events along the path to project completion.
Long-Lead Time
-The time interval between purchase and delivery of long‑lead items.
Lump Sum Free
-A fixed amount that includes the cost of overhead and profit paid, in addition to all other direct and indirect costs of performing work.
Liquidated Damages
-An amount of money usually set on a per-day basis, which the contractor agrees to pay the owner for delay in completing the Work in accordance with the contract documents
-The ease with which a project can be built, based upon the clarity, consistency, and completeness of the contract documents for bidding, administration, and interpretation to achieve overall project objectives.
HS Group,2013)
(David Walters,2013)
I love challenges and my goal is to become a Project Manager or either an Estimator
Why I have choosen Construction Management?
I choose Construction management as my major because I am fond with mathematics .
I wish to increase more of my knowledge and experience towards contsruction management .
Therefore, I would like to work as a Estimator or a project manager.
(Petronas Twin Tower,2013)
Reduce traffic by inventing a multifunctional transportation
Distinctive postmodern style
Reduce Environmental pollution
Because of this high technology
Saving time for public consumers
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