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Product presentation Gorenje+

Product presentation

Bostjan Cretnik

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Product presentation Gorenje+

Plus choice: Lavish choice and perfect harmony of appliances

Plus design: Design for today and tomorrow, for different kitchen furniture styles

Plus technology: Better cooking results through cutting-edge innovations

Plus responsibility: Respecting the environment

Plus exclusiveness: Exclusive offer for true connoisseurs Gorenje+ appliances boast numerous advanced technological features, even global innovations. Global revolution through unique touch control iChef+ iChef+ movie Gorenje+ dishwashers movie The largest capacity DW in the world with 17 place settings. IQcook movie Gorenje+ brand movie First hob with revolutionary steaming technology IQsteam. 80% of the electrical energy is converted to light energy. The remaining 20% is lost as heat energy. A+++
In average 30% energy savings, compared to class A No internet policy Available exclusively in the sales channel of kitchen specialists and in selected kitchen studios. Did we raise your PULSE? Not yet, let`s see the appliances! PLUSes for dealers? PLUSes for customers? Product education gorenje+ INNOVATIVE KITCHEN APPALIANCES + unique finger touch electronic user interface module with large color display,
+ iChef+ cook assistant AUTObake – very wide choice of preset (65 dishes in 10 categories) baking recipes/dishes,
+ shortcuts to your favorite or most frequently prepared dishes (SIMPLEbake)
+ baking in precisely defined steps (STEPbake patented innovation), very logical/easy to use,
+ storing your own recipes - up to 120 dishes,
+ additional handy tasks in EXTRA: cleaning, defrosting, fast preheating, warming, plates warming World patented inovation - iChef+ The pyrolitic cleaning function featured in Gorenje+ top oven models is remarkably efficient, safe, and convenient. Pyrolitic ovens Gorenje+ Advantage features integrated into the Gorenje+ pyrolitic ovens are: + the door remains locked during the cleaning program,
+ high-temperature resistant pyrolitic enamel,
+ special catalyst device,
+ four-layer temperature resistant glazing,
+ dynamic cooling system + (DCS+),
+ additional venting openings on the housing, and
+ 2 levels of fan operation intensity
+ special shape of cavity The high-temperature resistant pyrolitic enamel used for coating of the oven cavity, baking trays, an wire guides allows you to keep the utensils in the oven during the pyrolitic cleaning.

Shallow and the deep pan can be cleaned with the pyrolitic program as well. They should be inserted into level 2 and/or 3. High-temperature resistant pyrolitic enamel A special catalyst device in the upper part of the oven automatically eliminates any smoke and odour generated during cleaning. After the process, dirt residues are reduced to ashes. Catalyst device Oven door features four-layer temperature resistant glazing with special high-temperature resistant borosilicate inner glass which, paired with superior insulation, prevents overheating of the exterior wall (temperature of oven glass door less than 60°C). Four-layer glazing Dynamic cooling system + (DCS+) - Advanced cooling system in which an extra ventilator continues to cool the air after you have turned off the oven, automatically stopping when the sensor indicates that the air has reached 75°C. Dynamic cooling system + Additional venting openings on the housing First less intensive level for normal operation during the cooking process.

Second level with more intensive air circulation during the pyrolitic cleaning program. 2 levels air circulation During the process of pyrolitic cleaning, the oven heats up to about 500 °C. When the temperature reaches 250 °C, the door is locked for safety. During the pyrolitic cleaning program the following heaters are switched on:

+ small upper grill
+ lower heater and big upper heater operate interchangeably in the ratio 40% : 60%

When the “pyrolitic” temperature of 465˚C is reached the fan is activated as well . Its purpose is to assure even distribution of heat in the whole oven. Process of pyrolitic cleaning Results of pyrolitic cleaning cleaning performance Gorenje+ vs. competition – mid+ segment Gorenje+ (2 hours on 463±6°C) Competitor 1 2 hours on 482±2°C Comment: OK system, small areas still greased, inner glass cleanable without major problem. Results of pyrolitic cleaning cleaning performance Gorenje+ vs. competition – mid+ segment Competitor 2 2h – on 500±2°C Comment: Cleaning of interior excellent, outside edge of inner glass problematic, because of reflection layer on inner side! Competitor 3 3h 15min. – on 466±17°C Comment: Cleaning of interior OK, inner glass quite OK – cleaning time has to be long enough. + XL dishwasher model with 17 place settings,
+ removable third basket in the middle makes it possible to wash extremely big plates (39 cm diameter),
+ all essential parts made of high-quality stainless steel (quality/durability),
+ 9 spray zones assure an optimum dishwashing power at all levels, in all baskets,
+ patented self cleaning filter system SCS+ cleans filter and all the interior surfaces,
+ ergonomics and simple handling of the dishes
+ Aqua Safe system perceive even the slightest water leak,
+ steam control with the Steam Safe system First in the world with 17 place settings 1.The strainer is continuously rinsed from a spray nozzle in the lower spray arm center.

2.The bottom and strainer are sprayed for improved filtration (lower spray arm).

3. All dishes and cutlery in the lower basket are sprayed clean from below (lower spray arm)

4. All dishes and cutlery in the lower basket are sprayed clean from above. (upper spray arm).

5. The dishes in the upper rack are sprayed clean from below (upper spray arm).

6. & 7. Two power zones for pots and pans.

8. Power zone which continuously sprays the cutlery basket.

9. Spray zone for the middle rack. 9 spray zones Washes 42% more dishes than the best
selling dishwasher models in the market. Washes 22% more dishes than the
competition's models with the highest
capacity. 8 essential parts made of high-quality stainless steel You do not need to rinse the dishes yourself before loading the machine! Saves water, electricity and effort!

The new SCS+ sprays water for two seconds and then stops for 5 seconds.
This process is repeated 8 times with approximately 1,7 liters of water. Then the water is pumped out for 25 seconds = total of 84 seconds for the full SCS+.

You can describe this effect as a water pulse forcing the soil to be collected in the bottom strainer.

SCS+ is running in the main wash + 1st rinse. For clean fine filter and all the interior surfaces Dishwashers are adapted for installation at an ergonomic height. Thus, the discharge hose is installed at a level that is lower than the dishwasher bottom, as if it were installed directly into the drain in the floor.

The anti-siphon safety valve prevents the water from leaking out of the dishwasher during the dishwashing process. Function of anti-siphon Water pump is running Check valve is closed. Check valve opens and allows air to enter and prevents siphoning when pump stops. In order to prevent any water leaks in the kitchen, we have developed an advanced safety system called Aqua Safe which employs eleven sensors to perceive even the slightest water leak. AquaSafe A unique hose connects the dishwasher water inlet valve to the kitchen pipeline. It is made of special cross-linked polyethylene which excels with great durability, long useful life (up to 50 years) and resistance to chemicals and hot water. PEX hose PEX tubing is used for plumbing, radiant heating and snow melt applications. Where is it used? The highly efficient condensation and cooling channel directs the steam through a concealed nozzle and prevents the hot steam from the dishwasher to be released into the kitchen through the control panel slot.

This prevents burns or damage to the worktop. In addition, a special shield prevents a blast of steam if the dishwasher is opened during the dishwashing process. Steam Safe + sensor controlled cooking,
+ full automatic cooking programs (self adjusted via unique sensors): no need for cook to be present and supervise cooking process,
+ revolutionary concept of cooking with steam on induction hob. First hob with revolutionary steaming technology IQsteam. + up to 40% of energy savings
+ 100% automatic control over cooking
+ 100% safety from boiling over
+ 100% active preservation of nutrients, vitamins and proteins Key benefits + wireless communication between remote LID SENSOR and IQcook induction hob lies in the heart of IQcook system.
+ data from sensors are being constantly monitored with real-time adjustments of cooking hob
+ up to four IQcook sensors can be used simultaneously on one hob Operating principle Turning on automatic cooking 1. STEP: IQcook mode is activated by simply touching the IQ control on the cooking hob. The symbol for the selected IQ hob cooking mode is lit up along with other available presents.

2. STEP: Preset cooking modes are indicated with clear and intelligible symbols that make operating the hob simple and fast. All you have to do is to choose between the five cooking modes the one you find the most suitable.

3. STEP: The last step is to activate the IQ sensor installed in the lid of the pan. Simply activate the sensor by touching it, thus establishing connection with the IQ sensors installed in the cooking zone and providing reliable automatic control. The SmartSense function is also automatically engaged to deliver total safety during cooking. Program “IQboil” is used for dishes which should be cooked with more water and needs a slow controlled boiling.

Suitable for dishes like: soups, all kinds of pasta. Preset cooking program - IQboil BENEFITS:Cooking at precise and constant temperature for exact done dishes.
UNIQUE:Three different levels of temperature (low, medium, high) can be preset Myth breaking movie: IQboil Program “Slow cooking” is used for finishing dishes that require longer cooking time with slow warming up and coking at lower constant temperature.

Suitable for dishes like: cereals (porridge), goulash, chili con carne, or polenta. Preset cooking program - IQpro BENEFITS:No burning to the bottom of the pot, even cooking
UNIQUE:Automatic cooking of very dense dishes at lower temperature Program “IQsteam” is revolutionary concept of cooking with steam on induction hob. Precise regulation and sensor control maintains constant level of steam inside cookware, extremely low amount of additional water (approx. 0,5 dl) is needed. Vegetables preserves all vitamins, minerals and it’s natural colour.

No more overcooked vegetables. Preset cooking program - IQsteam BENEFITS:Healthy way of cooking, preserving vitamins, minerals and flavour
UNIQUE:Steam cooking on cooking hob Myth breaking movie: IQsteam Program “IQfry” was developed for dishes, that are prepared by deep frying. Lid is not used with “IQfry” program.

Suitable for food like: French fries, spring rolls, or donuts. Preset cooking program - IQfry BENEFITS:Frying at precise and constant temperature for best flavor
UNIQUE:Three different levels of temperature (low, medium, high) can be preset Myth breaking movie: IQfry Program “IQgrill” for grilling food with very little or no oil.

Suitable for food like : steaks, roasts, vegetables, or cheese. Preset cooking program - IQgrill
BENEFITS:Perfect grilling at constant temperature, 100% safety from burning
UNIQUEThree different temperature (low, medium, high) of grilling can be preset. Optimized flame allow faster cooking and ultimate efficiency of the use of gas. + small size of A+ burner (smallest on the market) provides maximum burner distance and optimal space for even very large pans/pots
+ air intake through gaps at the back of the hob makes it possible to mix it with gas below the hob, instead in the burner: better combustion, less gas smell, better efficiency Optimized gas flow through unique A+ burners + efficient heat distribution over the whole surface of the pan base (primary and secondary flame)
+ one piece burner unit, therefore easy to remove/reposition, easy to clean
+ burner bases with a unique Keradur® surface coating (heat/scratch resistant) Optimized gas flow through unique A+ burners Burner characteristics + burner remains in place at light touch
+ burner can be easily and safely repositioned
+ burner is very easy to clean (also in dishwasher) First flame circle (primary flame) for a powerful flame emission Second flame circle (secondary flame) for very high output underneath the pan bottom Burner characteristics Flame ports: closed flame ports at the location of the pan supports for extra long lifespan of the enamel layer Ignition under the burner cap, thus less risk of soiling and damage Burner base is finished with KERADUR coating: a heat-resistant and scratch resistant enamel which makes cleaning even easier and extends the lifespan No aeration ring, so no cleaning problems. Second flame circle (secondary flame) + A fire ring that ensures effective combustion of gas. This results in about 65% efficiency compared to an average of 50% at other burners.

+ The fire ring also provides for a very wide adjustment range and for a stable flame at the very compact A+ burners. The flames continue this close below the center of the pan. Bringing one litre of water to the boil is thus an average of 2 minutes shorter! Gorenje+ fridge freezers feature improvements that propel them towards perfection + appliances with A++ with power efficiency 40 percent above that of the A-class appliances,
+ carefully designed LED+ lighting system,
+ Nofrost+ technology prevents the accumulation of frost on the food and ice build-up on the freezer compartment walls,
+ three times longer lastiong freshness in Zero+ drawer
+ shelves, door bins, and drawers protected with a high-quality stainless steel lining Feature improvements that propel appliances towards perfection Advantages of light-emitting diodes (LED). + 10 times more efficient operational life of white LED lamps halogen incandescent light, with twice a powerful luminous flux than halogen incandescent light,
+ 80% of the electrical energy is converted to light energy,
+ LED lights are able to produce directional light One advantage of LED lights is their ability to produce directional light. Basically, wherever the light is pointed, a steady beam of direct light will light up the area. This is very suitable for illuminating interior of the refrigerators (emphasizes white color). Direct light Reduced power consumption – An LED circuit will approach 80% efficiency, which means 80% of the electrical energy is converted to light energy. The remaining 20% is lost as heat energy. Compare that with incandescent bulbs which operate at about 20% efficiency (80% of the electrical energy is lost as heat). + narrow slots in the hood force air to spread up inside the hood
+ apture area is spread to edges of hoods as opposed to concentrated under blower in standard hood
+ speeding air thru slots creates a high pressure area around the slots which extends capture area
+ energy efficiency is improved since lower motor spreads with higher performance = less energy spent Perimetric extraction system Smart targeted extraction P.A.S. The cooker hood may switch on automatically every hour to operate for five minutes. Simply activate the Refresh+ function. It will make sure the air is fresh 24/7, or as long as you choose to leave it activated. Constant ventilation Refresh+ Cooling range Oven range Cooker hoods range Dishwasher range Compact range Hobs range Myth breaking movie: IQpro
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