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Globalisation and Cultural Dilution


Dahee Choi

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Globalisation and Cultural Dilution

Effects of Globalisation on Culture 'Multinational companies' have an effect on 'foods'. As Multinational companies of food are expanding worldwide, these companies earn a lot of money from many different countries. As you saw diagrams, multinational companies of food have a lot of branches in many countries. This means multinational companies change people’s traditional meal to other countries' foods or fast foods such as hamburger. ‘Free movements of people’ have an effect on ‘language’. Define Globalization Countries have interactions and connections in cultures, businesses, or economies over distances. Define Culture Culture is the word representing how people live, act, and say in a particular reqion or country. What is my culture? Speak Korean
Eat unique foods-such as Kimchi
Like doing quickly
Using 'Won' in money
Have a unique traditional cloth-Hanbok
Proud of our traditional culture a lot 'Openness of global trade' has an effect on 'fashion'. Openness of global trade affects to fashion by allowing brands to having branches in other countries. As it becomes easy to see brand shops, local cloths stores start to decrease, because people buy brand’s cloth instead of local store’s cloth. As people move to other countries which national languages are different from their mother tongue, countries they moved to accommodate their languages. 'Global television' has an effect on 'sports'. 'Internet' has an effect on 'music and drama'. By using Internet, people can upload and share numerous files including music and drama in any country. So now people can listen to music and watch dramas from other countries, and many websites of downloading music or watching dramas become various. Conclusion about interconnectedness of our global society Interconnectedness of our global society, which is the globalization, influences to cultures in both good ways and bad ways. So we need to leed the globalization in a good way. normally from this kind of sites people get informations Sometimes sharing music or drama files causes this kind of thing this photo is explaining that a korean singer group comes to Singapore and have a concert. References International Networks Archive - Map of the Month, 2010, internet, http://www.princeton.edu/~ina/infographics/starbucks.html, [April 13, 2010] » Museums, 2010, internet, http://art-for-a-change.com/blog/category/museums, [April 13, 2010] 2010, internet, http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~smcmulle/AD603/?, April 13, 2010 YouTube - Broadcast Yourself., 2010, internet, http://www.youtube.com/, [April 19, 2010] SHINee in Singapore for drama concert | Manila Bulletin, 2010, internet, http://www.mb.com.ph/articles/241238/shinee-singapore-drama-concert, [April 19, 2010] flickr Discussing Hi, greetings from newbie in Singapore P in road signs, 2008, internet, http://www.flickr.com/groups/road-signs/discuss/72157604925420557/, [April 13, 2010] As a global television such as CNN becomes in a normal life routine, people start to be interested in sports more than before. So sports become various and interesting pearltrees > blog, 2010, internet, http://blog.pearltrees.com/?attachment_id=1003, [April 19, 2010] Martial Sport, Self Defense, and the Future of Karate USA | Martial Arts School in Johns Creek, Cumming, and Suwanee Georgia, 2010, internet, http://www.karate-usa.com/news/self-defense/, [April 19, 2010] ALL SPORTS LIVE: olympic-live - Finland vs.Germany ice hockey Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics live, 2010, internet, http://olympic-live.blogspot.com/2010/02/olympic-live-finland-vsgermany-ice.html, [April 19, 2010] Kimmie Meissner History Fotos News Nude: Figure Skating Pictures, 2010, internet, http://kimmie9957.blogspot.com/2010/03/figure-skating-pictures_10.html, [April 19, 2010] Especially there are some sports festivals watched worldwide, for example, This festivals make people combined together Olympic Recap - Advertising Entertainment International Internet Marketing Olympics Sports Television, 2008, internet, http://advertisingatitsbest.today.com/2008/08/, [April 19, 2010] This picture was taken during 2004 World Cup. Red things in the photo are people wearing red T-shirts. These people are cheering the Korean Soccer team. :: , 2004, internet, http://imagesearch.naver.com/search.naver?where=idetail&rev=10&query=%BA%D3%C0%BA%BE%C7%B8%B6&from=image&ac=-1&sort=0&res_fr=0&res_to=0&merge=0&spq=1&start=1&a=pho_l&f=tab&r=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fblog.naver.com%2Fsuko76%3FRedirect%3DLog%26logNo%3D40003481778&thumbnail=http%3A%2F%2Fthumbview02.search.naver.com%2Fthumbnails%3Fq%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fblogfiles.naver.net%2Fdata2%2F2004%2F6%2F20%2F274%2F%25BA%25D3%25C0%25BA%25BE%25C7%25B8%25B63.jpg&signature=1043221794016&gdid=90000003_00000000000000095064B0B2&a_q=&n_q=&o_q=, [April 19, 2010] sometimes the globalization's effect makes people combined physically and emotionally but others the globalization makes local industry or traditions weak and erased.
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