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Adventure Works - General Presentation

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Lynette Spencer

on 26 June 2014

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Transcript of Adventure Works - General Presentation

Healthy Risk Taking While having Fun!
Mission Statement:

"To assist youth in overcoming challenges and becoming healthy adults through adventure-based counseling."
Communication, Planning, Problem Solving,
Trust & Relationship Building
High and Low Ropes
for Building Confidence
Identifying Landmarks in Life
Mindfulness, Focus, & Goal Setting
Camping and Wilderness Survival Skills
The therapists at Adventure Works build stronger relationships with clients
by being active participants in every group.
Adventure therapy (AT):
"The prescriptive use of adventure experiences provided by mental health professionals often in natural settings that kinesthetically engage clients on cognitive, affective, and behavioral levels."
- Gass, Gillis & Russell, 2012
A non-profit organization that specializes in adventure therapy for at-risk youth
in DeKalb County

Founded in 2010

"If a picture is worth 1,000 words then
an experience is worth 1,000 pictures" - Gass, 2012

35 Feet in the Air
Gass, M.A., Gillis, H.L., Russel, K.C. (2012).
Adventure Therapy: theory, research and practice.
Routledge-Taylor & Francis Group, New York, NY.
Many Activities under the Umbrella of Adventure Therapy
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
Nature Therapy
26 youth in FY 2011
55 youth in FY 2012
Serving well over 100 youth
since 2013
Poor Children are:
3x more likely to have a mental illness
AD/HD and Conduct DO
especially among poor males
Persistent poverty = Internalizing
Just current poverty = externalizing
Poverty-imposed stress on parents = erratic, threatening and harsh discipline, and lack of supervision weaken parent–child attachments
A poverty of finances generally creates a poverty of experiences as well;
Kids tend to live in one geographic area throughout their entire lives, with little access to explore other cultures, contributing to intergenerational poverty.
The negative effects of deprivation on human development tend to accumulate, making it more unlikely to escape poverty as adults.
Least likely to seek counseling until school or court intervenes: living their lives in survival mode.
Adventure-Based Counseling =
Adventure Therapy =
Counseling through Adventure
The Background:
Problem #1: Adolescents don't like counseling
2003/4 - Bailey - EAP
Problem #2: $$
2009 - AU
Problem #3: my students
Jan 2010 - Panera, my friend Lesly, and her intern Ade
February 2010 - the grant
July 2010 - THE GRANT!
November 2011 - 1st program
So what is Adventure Therapy?

Now Finishing our Fourth Year:
years 1-2, focus on program (survival mode!)
one-woman show
tried to hire help but couldn't (not a $ problem)
Board of friends, not directors
years 3-4, STARTED to figure it out.
Strategic Planning, Board Development, Fundraising, Diversifying Funding, Interns, Volunteers, Marketing, Events
years 1-4 for referrals
now focused on maintaining referrals and collaborating to give referrals: the continuum model
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