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Copy of NY Unbelievable

free template

Gemma Arthurson

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of NY Unbelievable

And is SOCIALLY, ECONOMICALLY and ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE. It works WITH EXISTING infrastructure... ...to deliver not only THE BIG IDEAS, but the RIGHT IDEAS. ...to ENCOURAGE and ADVOCATE behaviour change. Possible Solutions Park and ride
Alternate truck routes
Victoria St lunchtime tram
Declutter the streets
One way system
Hook turns
Reroute trams to Elizabeth St
Widen Victoria St
Embrace congestion
Raised tram tracks
Restrict deliveries, extend clearways
Move tram tracks adjacent to footpath
Get shops off footpaths
Mass transit railway
Sensors to determine traffic flow
Make Victoria St a carpool street
No seating on trams
Rapid bus transit system
Bike stations
Cycle centre
The diverging diamond
Organised community car pools/cyclying groups
Optimisation of traffic signal coordination
Back carriage of trains dedicated to commuters with bicycles
Pedestrian underpasses
Intermodal connectivity
More tram services
Email system/real time traffic informaion
A comprehensive traffic database
Bulb tram tracks
Three tram tracks
Video game about how to get different places
Actuated traffic lights
Raised bike path - sky ride
Dedicated through lane
Double decker trams
Work place buses
Work from home
Forced turn offs
Enhance awareness of station
Marketing of public transport network
Bike hire
More street lighting for pedestrians Criteria Addressing root causes
Considering all stakeholders
Implementation time
Staging for the future
Initial cost
Employment effects
Business effects
Political issues
Heritage and culture
Land ownership
Flow on effects
Environmental Issues
Pollution The Solution It uses a balanced approach between IMAGINATION and ANALYTICS... Our solution REIMAGINES and REPRIORITIZES Victoria Street as a DESTINATION rather than a thoroughfare. Section A Section B Section C Left Lane Tram Stops Destination Stops ThoroughFARE Benefits Can be applied to other cultural precincts/streets
Integrated multi-agency approach
Addresses root causes
Enhances efficiency of existing infrastructure rather than expanding it
Economic gains
Improved amenity
Considers future trends Stakeholders Uses a THREE TIERED APPROACH to allow individual sections to complement one another, and to maximise the benefits for a multi-stakeholder owned project. Solution Package The Solution Challenges VicRoads
Local council
Small business owners
Department of Transport (DOT)
Heritage Victoria
Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD)
Public Transport Victoria (PTV)
Richmond Asian Business Association (RABA)
Developers/construction companies
Community groups Myki validators and top up machines to improve boarding times
Passenger Information Display Units with next trams, things to do in Victoria Street, maps, points of interest, cycling tracks, restaurant menus, and audio buttons
Seats and benches
Rubbish bins Destination Victoria Street Celebrating and promoting a cultural hub Destination Victoria Street Celebrating and promoting a cultural hub Managing multi-stakeholder objectives

Business path space versus left lane tram stops

Initial backlash for road tolling

Impacts on neighbouring streets if cars try to avoid thoroughFARE The Victoria Street Conundrum Destination stops include...
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