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Figuratively Speaking from "Crash"

No description

Lillian Lovelady

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Figuratively Speaking from "Crash"

Figuratively Speaking from "Crash"
~Words that sound like what they are.
"The register pinged, and a sign
saying $10 shot up." (pg.111)
~A comparison using the words like or as.
"The edge of the hallway light rolled up the side of the bedspread like some little sunrise." (pg.106)
~A comparison of two unlike things that suggests a similarity between the two items.

"On the football feild I don't run around people, I run through them. Life is football. For a coupleof minutes there, I had almost forgotten."(pg.83
~Repeated consonant sounds at the beginning of several
words in a phrase
'"Right -or else you're a peporoni poacher!"' Pg.55
~An exaggeration
" I swear, if i don't start stop laughing in the next minute, I'm gonna die." (Pg. 95)
~An expression that can't be understood from the individual meanings of it's elements.
"I threw on my clothes-no socks, no underwear, no jacket-in nothing flat and was out the door." (pg.111)
Lillian Lovelady

What Jerry Spinnelli is trying to say through this simile is the light from the hallway was seeping into the room and onto the bedspread.
I think that Jerry Spinelli was trying to say that Crash felt like running through everyone-like he does in football games- instead of politely walking around them.

I belive that Jerry Spinelli is trying to say Crash very quickly and swiftly put his clothes on and left in a rush

~ Making an inanimate object or animal act like a person
The opposite of whats meant
A word or words which are formed or sound alike but have different meanings.
"Football isn't for Fruitcakes. Football doesn't take any crap from the weather." (Pg.90)
"Penn Webb is my best friend." (Pg. 162)
I think that what Jerry Spinelli was trying to do is jazz up his writing its better to have a sound where you can imagine it happening opposed to just saying a $10 sign shot up......
I think what Jerry Spinelli was trying to do was embarass Abby and proving a point to her.
I think here Jerry Spinelli was just trying to stress how halarious he thought the convorsqations he was evsdroping on was.
I think through this personification Jerry Spinelli was trying to say the weather won't matter to him, because he'll just keep on trucking on.
For this one I think Jerry Spinelli was showing that people and values have deffenately changed so, this would be a good way to end the book.
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