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Networks & Circuits & Emerging Cultural Work(ers): STP&A 2013

Illustration for my 2013 STP&A presentation

John Fenn

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Networks & Circuits & Emerging Cultural Work(ers): STP&A 2013

informal arts participation =

Networks & Circuits & Emerging Cultural Work(ers)
in environments that blur:
•economics & "profit"
•notions of "professional" and "amateur"
• positionality of "expertise" and "practice"
... and formations of community in networked environments...
maker culture =
intersection & convergence =
DIY in the internet age
networked intelligence & mechanics
communities of affect & aesthetics
entrepreneurs & creators
Chris Anderson says
why should arts administrators pay attention?
role/place of MAKING in creative economy
drive for participation & the ways in which arts managers/cultural workers can build fields/infrastructure for support

"What exactly defines the Maker Movement? It's a broad description that encompasses a wide variety of activities, from traditional crafting to high-tech electronics, many of which have been around for ages. But Makers, at least in this book, are doing something new...By simply bringing the Web's culture and collaboration to the process of making, they're combining to build something on a scale we've never seen from DIY before" (2012)
John Fenn
UO Arts and Administration
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