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Consumer Rights Lesson

PSE AS Level

Shaun Gustard

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Consumer Rights Lesson

Knowing Your Legal & Human Rights Consumer Rights Work Rights Human Rights Do You Recognise the Logo? Logo Answers Pepsi Interflora KFC United Nations Beuna Vista Atari Nintendo World Wildlife Fund Yamaha Quicksilver Apple McDonald's Wella Branding & Advertising It's important because it builds recognition for the product It builds reuptation for the product, goods or services Makes you want to buy that company's offering! Are you influenced by branding & Advertising? Do you make free choices about what you are going to buy? If you got ALL 13 right ... You are a brand adict! Be careful about how much you let advertising influence you. If you got between 9
and 13 right ... You are brand aware but not fully addicted ... yet! Make your shopping choices your OWN! If you got between 4 and 9 right ... You are sensibly resistent to branding! But... make sure you are aware of branding to make informed choices about who's ethical and who's not! If you got less than 4 right... Completely oblivious to branding and advertising. You wouldn't know your Jimmy Choos from your Chimmi Changas! Once you've decided to buy - as a result of advertising or not - you are protected by consumer law As a consumer, although the law first expects
you to be responsible and sensible ... caveat emptor - means let the buyer beware it is the responsibility of the buyer to check the obvious! Buyers should always / responsibilities of the buyer:
read the small print and follow instructions provided
make sure that the item is what you want and does what you want it to do
check any guarantees and keep receipts as proof of purchase
As a consumer you have rights as well as responsibilities Where to go for help ... •The BEAB (British Electro-technical Approvals Board -
for electrical equipment •Voluntary codes - organisations that police themselves such as the General Medical Council (doctors); the Law Society (lawyers); Corgi registration (plumbers and gas fitters) •The Consumers' Association - and its magazine 'Which?'
(investigates consumer issues) •Industry 'watchdogs' such as Oftel (the Office for Telecommunications) and Ofwat (regulating the water industry) •The OFT (Office of Fair Trading) set up by the government BSI Sale of Goods Act You have the right to:
•the correct description of goods
•expect goods to do what is claimed
•expect goods to be of 'satisfactory quality'
•expect the seller to have the legal right to sell the goods
•receive accurate weights and measures
•full knowledge of what it will cost before agreeing to credit terms
•a good standard of service
Goods must be :

of satisfactory quality
as described
fit for the purpose
Activity Work in Pairs Using the Sale of Goods Handout ... In your pairs, decide on ... 1.Who will be the shop assistant and who will be the customer
2.Who is at fault
3.How each person is going to argue their point In your pairs role play the scenario and write down what you said to each other, to report back to the class I will give each pair a 'scenario' card 1.Was the customer right?
2.Did the shop assistant handle the situation correctly?
3.What should they have done differently?
Responsible Buying Consumer Rights Be Brand Aware NOT Brand Led How did you do? ... What does it mean to you?
What impact does it have on others?
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