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Emily Murphy

No description

Ms. McTurk

on 25 May 2016

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Transcript of Emily Murphy

Emily's husband divorced her, sold their farm and took all the money. Emily and her children were left with no money or home. There was nothing she could do about it because she was a female. Emily was very upset and was determined that the law be changed and women get treated fairly.

Why Emily Became Interested in Women's Rights
Emily's History
In 1868 Emily was born in Ontario. She became a legal expert at an early age. In 1887 Emily married Arthur Murphy. They had four daughters but two of them died very young. After her husband divorced her, he took everything. Emily was left with her children having no money or a home.
1. Emily was a best selling author under the name of Janey Canuck

2. She was born on March 18, 1868 and died October 17, 1933

3. Emily had four daughters but two of them died very young

4. Emily died of diabetes

5. Emily was on a postage stamp
By: Marina.K-Emily Murphy
Emily was determined to help women and children. She founded and joined many organizations that would help improve the lives of women and their children. Emily helped change property laws in Alberta to protect children and women. She also helped women earn the right to vote.
Emily became the first women in the British Empire to become a judge in a police court. Emily became a member of the Equal Franchise League to obtain the vote for women. She also was a member of the Canadian Women's Press Club and was part of the National Council of Women. In addition to her other jobs she was also a best selling author.

What Emily did
Interesting Facts
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