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PROEMION Telematics Systems (BrSw)

Hardware & Software Solutions

on 23 September 2016

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Transcript of PROEMION Telematics Systems (BrSw)

Online Access to Machine Data
In the Field
Worldwide Cellular Communication
Hardware & Software Solutions
We track and log the performance of mobile and stationary assets deployed around the world. This connection with location data, operating parameters and error messages creates information critical for improving profitability and achieving world-class business performance.

With the solutions from RM Michaelides electronics and Proemion Software, your company will be better connected and know more about your assets in real time, from anywhere, anytime.
Proemion specializes in wireless communications, including cellular, Bluetooth and WLAN.
Proemion is unique because it offers engineering expertise, innovative design, DIN certified production practices and worldwide distribution, all under one roof.
Proemion is an international provider of customized solutions for CAN bus components and various CAN applications.
Why Proemion and RM Michaelides?
Product Range
WirelessCAN Interfaces – Worldwide
CAN Sensors
WirelessCAN Interfaces – Short Range
CAN Displays
CAN Gateways
CAN Recorder
CAN I/O Interfaces
RM Catalog
Wireless CAN Worldwide
Proemion standard and customized telematics solutions enable clients to easily monitor and manage data, in real time, worldwide.

Proemion applies intelligent use of telematics systems, providing crucial insights, and assists in turning that data into actionable information to efficiently optimize vehicle fleets, machinery and objects.
CAN data interchange with UMTS, GSM (CSD) / GPRS
Proemion provides a wide variety of services to a diverse group of high-profile client partners.
Client Partners & Applications
RMtools — Software Tools
RMtools Configurator
RMtools Converter
RMtools Dashboard
RMtools SoftGateway
RMtools Monitor
RMtools Firmware Programmer
Software tools work with the various CAN products for configuration and feedback from the hardware during use. Tools include:
RM CANlink GSM/UMTS Hardware — Overview / 5 Series Functions
GSM − Global System for Mobile Communication
GSM / GPRS / EDGE quad band: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
UMTS / HSDPA dual band: frequency depending on country
GPS − Global Positioning System
CAN − Controller Area Network
ISO 11898-2 high speed, 2.0 B
CANopen®, J1939, Layer 2, further protocols on request
SIM card
Optionally with I/Os
2x analog input / 2x digital output
Web Portal — Functional Overview
Login Window
Machine Overview
Event Handling
Fleet management / remote diagnostic solutions with Proemion®
Sending CAN data directly as SMS message, email or fax
Optional GPS receiver
Optional with I/Os and logging memory
Login Window
Machine Overview
Event Handling
Machine Location & Tracking
Machine Location & Tracking
Add-on Geo-fencing
Add-on Geo-fencing
Machine Data
Machine Data
Position Report
Position Report
Add-on Display Values
Add-on Display Values
ECU Partnerships
ECU Partnerships
For more information, please contact:
Brent Swearingen
Sales North America | Vice President
+1 937 558 2211 |
+1 937 609 3544
| Direct
+1 937 220 9317
241 Taylor St., Suite 301
Dayton, Ohio 45402-1490, USA
Toll-Free US: +1 844 PROEMION | Phone: +1 937 558 2211 | Fax: +1 937 641 8787
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