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Oregon Humane Society Camp: Capstone Project

No description

Madeleine Student

on 10 May 2015

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Transcript of Oregon Humane Society Camp: Capstone Project

To foster an environment of respect, responsibility and compassion for all animals through education, legislation and leadership.

To care for the homeless, to defend the abused and to fight with unrelenting diligence for recognition of the integrity of all animals.
Oregon Humane Society:
Capstone Project
by Brigid Hanley

Rescue abused or neglected cats, dogs, and some small animals; responsible for around 1,200 cases each year.
Finds tens of thousands of pets homes each year.
Completes pet surgery for a low cost, or for abused or stray animals; including spay and neuter.
Bring pets from other shelters that are unable to be adopted, or need care to their facilities.
Services Cont.
Educates children through OHS camps and families through training and seminars.
Offers quality supplies and schooling to new pet parents.
Works with Oregon Legislation to improve animal protection and safety laws.
Offers a foster program.
Offers a number of pet burial sites.
Abuse vs. Neglect
Abuse: The deliberate harming or mistreatment of an animal.
Sunshine, Puppies, and Campers
Sounds pretty exciting, right? While OHS summer camp is definitely a blast, as a counselor, it's also a lot of responsibility. For about 80 hours this summer, 3 weeks from 8am to 4pm, I tried to enlighten a few third, fourth, and fifth graders on the Oregon Humane Society's work and mission, as well as helping them understand the animals they save, and give these animals voice.
Neglect: Failure to properly care for an animal.
Lack of basic necessities: Shelter, food, water, medical attention,
The first degree of criminal animal abuse in Oregon includes intentionally or recklessly causing serious physical injury or death.
Animal neglect in the second degree is a misdemeanor: This entails not providing minimum care or tethering an animal if that results in injury.
What pets can I have?

How are they beneficial?

How do I properly care for my animal?

How do animals behave, how can I understand what they are trying to tell me?
Animals in Society Today
What are bully breeds?

What are some ways animals contribute to society?

Why is spaying and neutering animals, particularly strays so important?

What makes people afraid of animals?

Real recent issues
What did I do?
Who's Affected?
Most cases of animal abuse or neglect involve dogs (a little over half) , cats (about 20%) , livestock, or horses (25%).
Livestock: Many institutions in the farming industry such as slaughterhouses and containment areas have been confirmed to be abusive or neglectful, but protection laws for these types of animals are actually not common in a majority of states.
Other statistics:
Over half of the population of the US own pets.
Of the 2,000,000 people physically abused by their partners, 70% reported that their partner also attacked their pet.
Camp topics: My Pets
Catholic Social Teachings
4. Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

7. Care for God's Creation
Physical: A Madeleine Graduate respects and cares for the gift of life.
Moral: A Madeleine Graduate is a morally responsible person who exhibits self discipline.
Respects all life as a gift from God
Nurtures the world this generation will inherit
Demonstrates respect for self, others, and environment.
Commits to justice and service.
We are called on to put the needs of the poor and vulnerable first.
God created the Earth and entrusted it to our care.
We show respect for our creator.
Developed new relationship with staff, counselors, campers, and pets.
I became a better leader and gained experience.
I learned more about the role of animals in our world today.
I met people who've dedicated their time, or even
their professional lives to this cause.
I witnessed both animal cruelty and the positive effect
animals have on society and humans.
I was able to adovate for animals and
evangelize about importance of life
What Next?
Take on new and more challenging leadership roles
Try more counseling at summer camps?
Explore possible public service paths
Develop a stronger sense of self, and what's important.
Thank you for listening!
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