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Dubai's Fame Studio

No description

Aleo Njaim

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Dubai's Fame Studio

* We are providing a community that supports talents in Dubai . Dubai's Fame Studio is there to expose you, support you and bring you to the world of fame .
* We chose facebook as it offers us the opportunity to reach the biggest number of talented people online , where they can make use of our page on the go, as well as they can reach millions of Facebookers.
* We chose Dubai as it is a rapidly growing arabian success story with more than 200 different nationalities . A Facebook Community * Talented people and their friends will like our page as it meant to expose their talents, support and connect them with each others .
* Talented people will compete monthly under different talents' category,only 20 links will be chosen to compete.
* Facebookers will wait monthly for competitions , become fans of the talented people competing over different categories, and will act as the judges to determine the winners based on numbers of
virality and reach. What would
the Sponsor get? * Sponsors will receive full branding opportunities to connect their brand with an exciting platform.
* Advertising campaigns will be promoting for both sponsors and talented winners at Dubai's Fame Studio's page.
* Sponsors will grab the opportunity of supporting different talents that may fit some of their marketing campaigns.
What would
the most liked talented
people win ?
* Talented winners will win prizes , become famous , and will be promoted by our page to talents' agencies in Dubai. *It's the online real-time talent show
where everyone can get involved and people
are the judges.
*It's the first of its kind in the
middle east .
*It's "Dubai's Fame Studio"
where you can shine
bright like a diamond! Dubai's Fame Studio How would the process
of competition goes? Some Statistics : * The page was created on the 10th of April 2013 , within few days we got hundreds of likers .
*People from different nationalities in Dubai and some from other arabian countries are sending us their links and asking us to run competitions in different talents' categories.
* The page reaches over 30,000 Facebooker weekly. Expectations: * Without any encouraging promotion the
number of likers of the page are increasing virally.
* So how things would go if sponsors offered
supporting talents that fit their companies'
objectives!!! Why is it a good brand association? *Dubai's Fame Studio brings marketing campaigns from limited hours of exposure through a famous TV show, to an unlimited 24/7 online exposure , where people enjoy it on the go.
* Famous marketing campaigns are always those who touches the humanitarian side of the audience by means of support. A look at the page Why would people participate and how can they be sure will it go viral ? *We made it easy , talented facebookers can easily record their own talents and inbox our page. So no sufferings of moving to apply for a competition,and no stressful moments in front of judges and Cameras .
*Once links of participants are posted by the page's admin, their links will spread virally between likers.
*With each post, like , comment or share there is more exposure of the talented participants and the sponsors. www.facebook.com/dubaisfamestudio
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