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No description

Rachel Tarrant

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Multiplication

repeated addition
using equal groups

Equal Groups
- groups that have the same number of equivalent items
Example of "equal groups"
- the answer to a multiplication problem
- the numbers being multiplied
Can also be written as...
Now let's practice!
There are 4 bags
and each bag
has 3 bouncy
balls. How many
bouncy balls are
there total?
Click ahead to check your answer...
12 bouncy balls!
I have 4 cookies. There are
9 chocolate chips on each cookie.
How chocolate chips are there total?
Click ahead to check your answer...
36 chocolate chips!
Miss Tarrant has 5 cats.
Each cat has 4 paws.
How many paws are there total?
Click ahead to check your answer...
20 paws!
You did it! Keep up the herd work and it's going to be great unit!
( 4 x 3 = ? )
( 4 x 9 = ? )
( 5 x 4 = ? )
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