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Avanti Italiani

Basic phrases in Italian.

Kimberly Frodge

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Avanti Italiani

Avanti Italiani Ciao Where are you from? What is your name? Informal: used with friends, close family members, children, and animals Formal: used with adults who are not close family, and those whom you would address with a title. Informal: Come ti chiami?
What is your name?

E tu? and you? Formal: Come si chiami?
What is your name?

E Lei? and you? This is how you say hello in Italian! Ciao! hello and goodbye; informal

Buon giorno! Good day!
Buona sera! Good Evening
Buona notte! Good night!

Arrivederci! bye; formal Buona notte is only used right before bed. This might be very helpful to know if you are traveling in Italy. You can use it when talking to new people you meet. Di dov'é? Formal di dove sei? Where are you from; informal Sono di...
I am from...
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