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Walt Disney

No description

Olivia Moore

on 16 September 2016

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Transcript of Walt Disney

Walt Disney
Meet Walt
Schooling: Benton Grammar School, Kansas City Art Institute, School Of the Art Institute of Chicago
Inventions: Mickey Mouse, Multiplane Camera
Disney World
In 1959 Walt Disney Productions started looking for land for a second resort. Finally Disney purchased 30,500 acres for 1.5 million dollars. They began construction soon after. But sadly in December 15, 1966 Walt died of lung cancer. It seemed as though all was lost for the Disney World dream. But his brother, Elias Disney could not give up. So over the years Disney World has continued to delight others. But we all must remember it all started with a mouse...

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Name: Walter Elias Disney
Life Span: 1906-1966
Family: Lillian Disney, Diane Disney, Sharon Mae Disney
Parents: Elias and Flora Disney
Siblings: Roy, Herbert, Raymond, and Ruth Disney
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Died: Burbank, California
Specialty: Art and Film
The Multiplane Camera
Invented in 1937
Use: Making Cartoons
Description: special motion picture camera used in the traditional animation process that moves a number of pieces of artwork past the camera at various speeds and various distances from one another. This creates a three dimensional effect, although it is not actually stereoscopic.
For all who come to this happy place, welcome
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