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Ernst & Young- FSC Conference Slideshow

Slideshow to showcase the EY Financial Services Briefing website how it brings together insights from our global financial services network.

on 29 July 2014

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Transcript of Ernst & Young- FSC Conference Slideshow

Welcome to the FSC Conference
Welcome to the Ernst & Young
stand at the Financial Services
Council Annual Conference

Wealth management:
Key trends shaping the industry
The industry faces unprecedented opportunities and challenges as a result of the GFC and consumer adoption of new technology. An affluent and aging population underpins longer term growth prospects.
An aging generation prepares to retire, more affluent than any before it
Key Trends
Margin compression drives industry consolidation in pursuit of scale
Evolving technology makes it easier than ever to engage with customers
Wealth and banking distribution and platforms continue to converge
Global governments and clients view financial markets with suspicion
Global governments and clients view financial markets with suspicion
Key Issues Facing Wealth Managers Today
These trends, opportunities and implications form the basis for a range of strategies that can be utilised to grow revenue (even in a volatile market environment), optimise expenses and reduce potential risk.
Key Issues
How do you grow your business profitably?
Growth strategy
How do you extract cost savings?
Efficiency and
How do you compete in wealth platforms?
Platform modernisation
How do you build your direct capability?
Direct distribution
How do you manage risk proactively?
Proactive risk management
How do you integrate your wealth offer?
Bank/wealth integration
How do you exploit regulatory change?

Operational Effectiveness
Insights into
Find these and more on our
Financial Services Briefing microsite;

Visit ey.com/au
Find them on the
EY Insights mobile app;
Or speak with one of the Ernst & Young team at the stand today
Graeme McKenzie
Antoinette Elias
Jason McLean
Jeroen Buwalda
Executive Director
Andrew Taggart
Yong Lee
Executive Director
Hon. Nick Sherry
Senior Advisor
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