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Matthew Lynch

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of MyHomesMedia

Introduction to Video Home Tours
Video is more engaging
Why a video tour and not just a “slide show”?
Start with a walk through of the house, making sure it is staged correctly. The same rules that apply for an open house apply to a video tour. Get rid of clutter, stow away the pets, make sure the walls are clean and painted, etc… Take note of the areas that you want to highlight in your video.

Take still photos and room pans of everything, even if you are positive that you will never use them. (You never really know) Take shots of every room from multiple angles. Use an external flash facing the ceiling to maximize your lighting, while minimizing ugly shadows. Don’t forget exteriors and local landmarks, if available.

Set up a video conversation in the rooms you want to showcase. The key is to establish a sense of walking through the home using your words. Describe what you see when you walk in the door. And what you would see as you walk through in one pass.

Example: As you walk in the front door, you see the family room to the left… the staircase leads you up to the master bedroom with an en suite bath, two smaller bedrooms with another large bathroom… As you come back downstairs, to the right is the large kitchen, which we’ll talk about in a minute… The finished basement has a large laundry room and a hidden storage area…)

Create excitement about the room you want to showcase on camera. Talk about the details and craftsmanship, it’s potential as a room for entertaining.

Talk about the land and surrounding area. Highlight the walk-ability, shopping, dining, etc..

End with a specific “Call to action” with an easy to remember url or phone number. Have a graphic that corresponds to the information.
How do I record a video tour?
You may already have the software and just don't know it is there!
Windows Movie Maker
iMovie on OS X and iOS
Movie Studio on Android Devices

Bundled video editing systems offer limited functionality and don't always handle High Definition footage.

"Pro-sumer" level video editing software
Adobe Premiere Elements
Sony Vegas
AVS Video Editor
CyberLink PowerDirector

Professional video editing software
Adobe Premiere Pro
Final Cut Pro
How Do I edit my tour?
You can learn basic editing on any system using online learning sites

MyHomesMedia also offers editing services
This is all "geek" to me!
How to create a video home tour
How to market your video
You can increase the quality of your video substantially by making sure your camera has an audio input for a lapel microphone.
What kind of equipment do I need?
Why Video?
Kodak Zi8
Kodak Play Sport
GoPro HD Hero 2
Bad sound can completely ruin a beautifully shot video. Use a lapel mic while on camera, and invest in a quality computer microphone if recording narrations.
Wireless microphones can be expensive and subject to electromagnetic interference. Two ways to get around this are to use an extender wire that connects the lapel mic directly to the camera, (Make sure the wire is hidden from view of the camera) or record sound to a voice recorder and sync the audio to the video in editing. (Can be time consuming)
Cheaper cameras tend to distort the image when the camera moves too fast. Before buying a camera, do a search on YouTube for the model and look for test footage. If you will be editing your footage, try to get a camera that shoots up to 1080p to decrease editing degradation.
Edit your stand up in to a cohesive conversation with the audience. Keep in mind the things that will keep the attention of the viewer.

Overlay the still and room pans over your tour conversation. Create motion in stills with slow zooms and pans. Make a lower third with the address and agent info.

As a general rule, the video should be no longer than 5 minutes. To keep the viewer's interest, give them a tease of what the "Wow Factor" of the house is at the beginning, and then deliver it at the end.
Editing Process
Emulates the feel of walking through a home in person
Quality video equipment is affordable
Easy to share with others
Eliminate hand shake by using a tripod or video stabilizer.

If you are going to use the tripod to get panning shots of a room, make sure the tripod has a "Fluid Head". This will minimize jitter while moving the camera.

When choosing a hand held stabilizer, make sure that it is rated for the weight of the camera you will use as well as any attachments you will be using. Take the time to properly balance the camera on the center of gravity before shooting.
Video DSLRs are a great way to get professional looking HD video while still being relatively affordable. Use a wide angle lens or attachment to add depth to your video, but remember to correct for the distortion in your editing software. Canon's Rebel line of DSLR's are affordable, and are compatible with lenses from their film era predecessors.
The Zoom H4n is the swiss army knife of audio. You can use it as a stereo boom mic or connect wireless mics to the dual XLR/TRS inputs. It can also connect to your computer as a computer microphone for recording narration.

The Zoom H2n has many of the same features minus the balanced audio inputs.
A stabilizer with a full gimble joint can give you great floating camera shots that simulate walking through a scene.

We use the MiniDV Pro stabilizer available for purchase at
LED Camera lights are an inexpensive way to add some light to your scene. If your camera doesn't have a hot shoe for a flash attachment, get an attachment bar that will put the light to the side of the camera. These can also be attached to flexible mini-tripods for putting lights in hard to reach places.
Moveable umbrella lighting fixtures combined with daylight balanced Compact Fluorescent Bulbs are a great way to fill a room with light without creating a lot of heat.

When buying bulbs, try not to buy any that are rated below a 250 watt equivalent.
Everyone knows that you need to be on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and now Pinterest. But how can you use these to effectively market your services?
Social Networking
You can upload your content directly to Facebook and get views depending on how many subscribers you have. Is this the best way to get views and connections after they view it?

Try sharing an image that links to your webpage and include a specific call to action like a contact form or phone number. Use the blueprint to the right as a guide for getting the most out of your posts.
Similar to Facebook, you can send your content to your followers, or you can guide your followers to your desired contact point.

Twitter is also a great place to start conversations with potential contacts that aren't already in your contact list. Do searches for your keywords on a daily basis and @ message the people you may be able to service.

Twitter can also narrow your search to a geographic region using the "near:" and "within:" search operators.

IE: Looking for a house near:Alexandria Within:10mi
YouTube videos are playable on the majority of mobile devices available. So obviously it is the venue of choice for your home tours.

Rather than just uploading your video and maybe giving it a title, take the time to give your video a keyword rich description, and have your website url at the top. (Include the http:// for it to be a clickable link) This will increase your websites google ranking and give you an avenue to draw visitors from viewers that do their search on the YouTube website.

You can also use YouTube to embed the video in to your website.
Other sites

Don't forget to maintain a presence on G+ if you care about your website SEO. It may be harder to get connections on G+, but the content you post to your profile is weighted in search engine results.

Pinterest is the best social network for connecting with female buyers.
Social Networking Dashboards

One way to increase your social reach is to use a social media dashboard like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck. These tools allow you to post to multiple sites at once and some let you schedule your messaging on a calendar.
A Wordpress website using a Responsive design themes automatically adjust the layout depending on the size of the screen they are viewed on. This means that you can now have one media rich website that is viewable across all platforms.

Contact forms and social sharing plugins allow you to easily network with your visitors.

Wordpress also allows you to easily create individual pages for all of your houses using the Multi-Site feature.

IE: 1234GoodStreet.MyHomesMedia.com
QR Codes and Short URLs
If you are looking for a way to easily bridge your traditional marketing in to your digital domain, use QR codes and Short URLs to create a quick link to a page on your website that is trackable to measure your advertising ROI.

QR Codes are most useful in public places where information needs to be accessed quickly with a click of a phone button. These are also effective on For Sale signs and postcard mailers.

Short URL's are also useful in public places and should be used in conjunction with QR codes whenever possible. Short URL's are also effective on Twitter to shorten the message length, and in videos or radio ads when a URL is too long to memorize on the first listen.

It is important when deciding which to use to remember where your message is being viewed, and what is the fastest way for the end user to get to your content.
MLS Listing
Your tour can be attached to the MLS listing of your house by an Authorized Virtual Tour Vendor. This allows your video to be viewed alongside the house information on all websites that pull their information from the regional database. The same general rules that apply to the photography also apply to the virtual tour (No signage or agent information).
MyHomesMedia is an authorized MRIS Virtual Tour Vendor and can attach your virtual tour to your listing, even if you produce your own videos.
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