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Anthony Choualgh

on 25 March 2013

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Time Period The Acropolis of Athens The Acropolis dates back too the 447 to 5th Century B.C. When the city was at the peak of its power. The hill itself, however, is known to have been inhabited much earlier. There is still parts of the Acropolis left today that's why scientists know about it. The word Acropolis means "Highest point" in Greek. It was made by highly skilled architects who were known for building very well. Limestone was used to build the temple, which was dedicated to the goddess Athena. It showed the people the strength of the empire and their dedication to the gods and goddesses. There were many temple in Acropolis such as, Proplyaea and Parthenon. Proplyaea was the gateway or entrance to the Acropolis. Partheon was the most important temple. It was the temple that symbolized Athena the most, having 50 sculptures of her. Erecthion was the sacred site of the structure where Poseidon and Athena had a contest to see who would Patron of the city. Of course Athena won , that's why the city is called Athens. Who Built It and Why? Pericles of Athens ordered the construction of the Athenian Acropolis while the design and construction work was undertaken by Phildias (a famous Athenian sculptor) and Ictinus (a pair of architects). It was made to provide defense and shelter for the king and citizens. I took about 26 years to build all the temples. General Information View of the Acropolis. The remains of the Acropolis These are some of the sculptures dedicated to the goddess Athena. These are the main temples of the Acropolis. Proplyaea(left), Erecthion(middle), and Parthenon(right).
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