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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

No description

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Cause effect
Figurative language
Important Facts
Jim Crow Laws
The discovery of the cells
The Lacks family learned about the HeLa cells
Skloot dedicated herself to reconnect the family
The family struggles to cope with the conception of HeLa

nov 2
when the public finds out what hela stands for and the doctors try to cover up henriettas name by calling her other names

1970- had meeting about how to stop the hela cells from being stop the HIV cells

june 26,1974- when the doctoers tricked the family to get samples of everyone in the family.

July 9
when Rebecca and Deborah start to have a better relaionship and when Deborah start to trust her.
May 21,
Rebecca finds Sonnys phone number and calls. Once he picks up the phone and tells her he was trying to contact her. rebecca knew that was bad news and started to cry because she knew that Deborah died.
henrietta moves out after her mom dies giving birth to her 10th kid
moved in with uncle tom
a theory was devopled to stop cervix cancer
birth of HeLa
jan 1-was when henrietta was rushed to the Johns hopkins
april 1, talks about how the docter has done with the hela cells ,and how it will chane the world
september 29- when henriietta is in the hospital not felling well and gets dose of morphine to slow down the radiation in her body.
october 4- henrietta dies at 12:15am in the hospital bed
poilo epidemic
getting the cells
the doctors had to remove the cells from Henrietta to get the to geys office.they made her sign a document that allows JHU to do surgery
took a piece of her cervix forceps in one hand,scalpel in the other - and carefully slice them into one millimeter squares.covered each section with culture medium. to see if the cells would survive that step

using the first two letters of the patients first and last names.after "HeLa " for Henrietta lacks .
The Birth of HeLa

the cells went into a machine called the whirligig
they looked at her cells and they weren't surviving they were growing faster and stronger.
her cancer cells were unstoppable
Flow Chart
Example in Part one
Cause: Henrietta was diagnosed with cervical cancer
Effect: She died from cancer, gave doctor Gey access to a sample of Henrietta cells and discovered HeLa
Example in Part two
Cause: Henrietta cells never died and grew rapidly
Effect: They were shipped all over the world for scientific purposes and research.
Example in Part Three (the whole book)
Cause: Skloot helps Deborah gain knowledge of Hela and other aspects of her family
Effect: Deborah learns her mother cells have been shipped all over the world for research and generated millions of dollars, family is angry, Deborah learns about Elsie, Deborah tries to share Henriettas story

Skloot uses similes and metaphors to tie together science and real life to help readers understand the science better

These laws were racial segregation laws enacted between 1876 and 1965 in the South. These laws made segregation legal and also made harsh yet legal punishments if members of different races consorted.These laws were cruel but claimed to provide "separate but equal" facilities to both white and black people. However, this was far from true. The black schools, libraries, and other facilities were often in poorer condition than the white facilities. Under these laws whites were pretty much superior to blacks .
Some examples of laws;
“Separate free schools shall be established for the education of children of African descent; and it shall be unlawful for any colored child to attend any white school, or any white child to attend a colored school.”
“It shall be unlawful for a negro and white person to play together or in company with each other in any game of cards or dice, dominoes or checkers
Separate is not equal
Important Opinion
It was unfair that the family was unaware of the Hela cells taken without any type of consent-
Chapter 4 "The Birth Of HeLa"
Doctor Gey should have made money for his discovery-
Chapter 24 "Least They Can Do"
Admiration for Skloots dedication to help the family gain information they needed to cope with what they were going through-
Chapter 33 "The Hospital for the Negros Insane"
not subject to death
make up something , artificial, or untrue
being present everywhere at once
a person who claims that they cannot have true knowledge about the existence of god
lacking conscious awarness of

Henrietta's early life consisted of her mom dying when she was young and her father felt unable to handle their children , so he spread them aprt among family. similar to when Henrietta died and Day was unable to take care of the children and the kids grew up in difficult conditions -
Part One

Like her mother, Henrietta also married her first cousin.
Both mother and daughter had children with birth defects -
Part Two
Before Rebecca Skloot, Henriettas family was uneducated, poor and their mother had no recognition of her cells. After Skloots help, most of the family started to go to school, living situation got better and skloot organized a charity in Henriettas name-
Part Three
HeLa research is making millions of dollars while the people providing/connected the material are down right poor.
“She's the most important person in the world and her family living in poverty. If our mother is so important to science, why can't we get health insurance?” - Deborah

"On appeal, one judge compared the study to Southams HeLa injections, the Tuskegee study and Nazi research"
"The sky turned black as molasses. The rain fell thick and fast. "
Skloot describes in details the day of Henriettas funeral so the readers can get a clear insight of the darkness of the day.
"The cytoplasm buzzes like a New York City street"
Allusion p.168
Skloot refers to these events to show that Hela research wasn't alone in misconduct of science research
Skloot uses irony throughout the story to emphasize the situations that derived from Hela
"Chromosome called a telomere, which shortened a tiny bit each time a cell divided, like time ticking off a clock."
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