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Nail & Nail Bed: Function and Growth

Anatomy & Physiology - Jones

Ethan-Cole Evans

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Nail & Nail Bed: Function and Growth

Nail & Nail Bed:
Function & Growth by Miranda Law, Cullen Riley, and Ethan-Cole Evans Enhances sensation of objects Function Protects fingertip Grows approximately 3mm per month Growth Takes 3-6 months to fully regrow Factors of Growth! Age Hereditary Factors Gender Season Exercise level Diet Nail Bed Dermis fixed to the bone Composed of blood vessels, nerves, and melanocytes. Epidermis moves with nail plate Basic components 1. 3. 2. Parts of the nail 1. Cuticle: Fuses finger and nail bed together, forms a waterproof barrier 4. Hyponychium: Region between nail plate and fingertip 2. Nail Plate: Actual fingernail; made of translucent keratin; appears pink because of blood vessels running under it. 5. Matrix: Produces new cells, then pushes them forward to form nail. 3. Free Edge: White part of nail that projects off of body; made of dead cells and keratin; aids in grasping objects. 4. 5.
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