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A Biography of Martin Luther King Jr

This prezi is about how Martin Luther King Jr has impacted on the civil rights movement and how this has helped shape the modern world.

Graeme Lamb

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of A Biography of Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King Jr We are going to Investigte the impact that Martin Luther King Jr has had on the civil rights movment The civil rights movement The civil rights movement was a mass protest movement against the segregation of races in America and the fight for equal rights between the African American people and the white people. It was aimed at outlawing racial discrimination and restoring suffrage in the Southern States of America. A civil rights leader Martin Luther King was born in 1929 in Atlanta and died in 1968. He worked as a civil rights leader who highlighted discrimination against the African American people and worked to stop segregation in America. He was a very well educated man graduating from Morehouse college with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, Crozer Theological Seminary with a Bachelor of Divinity degree and received his Doctor of Philosophy at Boston Unversity. How has Martin Luther King Jr impacted on the Civil rights movement? Martin Luther King Jr has made a large impact on the civil rights movement by leading many events and groups that have contributed to achieving equal rights and preventing segregation between the races. "I have a dream" Martin Luther King gave a speech in August of 1963 in Washington D.C. He touched many hearts with his speech and raised awareness of the injustices that many were experiencing as a result of the colour of their skin. His dream was that all men and women would be treated equally and be judged not by their physical characteristics but by their contribution to society and their personal character. Montgomery Bus Boycott The Montgomery Bus Boycott was led by Martin Luther King and was a mass protest against the city bus service. This service was based on segregating black people from white people with seperate areas on buses for each race. This event lead to Martin Luther King Jr being the national leader for the civil rights movement. Selma to Montgomery The Selma to Montgomery March was a protest against the voting rights in America. Almost 8000 people assembled to march, fighting for equal rights between all races. How has all that Martin Luther King Jr has done, contributed to shaping the modern world? Martin Luther King Jr was a great leader who fought for what he believed in. He worked hard to raise awareness and prevent discrimination in the Southern States of America. HE MADE A DIFFERENCE! Standing up for what he believed in... HE STOPPED SEGREGATION HE SPOKE OUT HE WORKED HARD TO END SEGREGATION BETWEEN RACES and society today would not be the same without the things that he did...
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