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Short story: "War"

No description

Alaya Poole

on 15 April 2011

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Transcript of Short story: "War"

Short story: " War"
by:Luigi Pirandello translated by: Samuel Putnam About the author:
Luigi Pirandello was born in the Islands of Sicily off the southern tip of Italy. (1861-1936) Short summary of the plot:
This story gives explantions of the feelings the passengers expressing towards their sibilings going to war. At first the lady passenger is mourning from the loss of her only son due to war which causes friction with the other passengers. As the passengers begin to mourn one bold guy states that their sibings express profiency during the war and they should be proud. Narrator:
~outside voice
~third person ominescent: the narrator knows whats going on during the story. Setting:
This story takes place during World War 1, in Eastern Italy at dawn as they travel to Sumona on second- class carriage. Characterization:
the main characters are
the one man and wife with the only son lost to war because they aroused the conflict and situation of the story. Fight, fight, fight Boom! you are the bomb .com Conflict: The conflict is external because
it is between more than one individual. The conflict is the loss of sibilings due to the war. resolution:
The factor of the war is effecting individuals because they are losinfg they're siblings, so instead of mourning towards the conflict they feel they should be proud of the service they are presenting towards our country. critcal analysis:
Message: Think of the positive aspects of the problems you can't solve.
Motifs: Traveling
Irony: situational irony takes place when the man stands up and states how proud they should be of their siblings but then begins to cry loudly. personal response: In our opinion this story was interesting and presented a different way of thinking about the war. Also from looking at the title you would assumption that there would be more action in the story but more emotions took place. Wow! By: Alaya and Precious
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