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American Horror Story

No description

Elizabeth Farmer

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of American Horror Story

American Horror Story: Asylum
The series deals with the legend of Bloody Face, who haunts a Catholic-run sanitarium in 1964. In a house of healing that is anything but, a serial killer is the least of the threats that menace residents and staff alike.
American Horror Story: Coven
In the third season, a group of witches deal with enemies from within and without as they try to survive in the modern day.
American Horror Story: Freak Show
This latest installment of AHS is about a titular group of misfit performers, led by former German cabaret star Elsa Mars who arrive in the small town of Jupiter, Florida. Elsa hopes to pump up attendance by finding and recruiting conjoined twins Bette and Dot ,two very different personalities sharing one body.
American Horror Story
By: Elizabeth Farmer
American Horror Story: Murder House
The first season follows the Harmon family, a family of three who have moved from Boston to LA for a fresh start but end up living in a sinister haunted house instead. From producers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk comes the intriguing, erotic and scary story of life within the haunted house.
Elsa Mars
Bette and Dot
Jimmy Darling
Maggie Esmeralda
Desiree Dupree
Ethel Darling
Dandy Mott
Dell Toledo
Edward Mordrake
Paul the Illustrated Seal
Legless Suzi
Amazon Eve
Ma Petite
Cordelia Foxx
Zoe Benson
Myrtle Snow
Delphine LaLaurie
Kyle Spencer
Misty Day
Madison Montgomery
Fiona Goode
Marie Laveau
Luke Ramsey
Hank Foxx
The Axeman
Papa Legba
Joan Ramsey
Vivien & Ben
Sister Mary
Sister Jude
Leo & Teresa
Shachath: The Angel of Death
-Vivien is a wife who wants to start over
- Ben is a psychiatrist
-Ben and Vivien's daughter
-commits suicide
-falls in love with Violet
-died in the Murder House
-Ben's former lover
-Nosy neighbor
-If you are male, she appears young
-If you are female, she appears old
-burn victim
-has terminal cancer
-fit and strong
-gay with Chad
-previous house owner
-gay with Patrick
-house realtor
-has down syndrome
-knows all the secrets of the house
-gets hit by a car
-gets admitted to the asylum
- therapist
- director of Briarcliff
- gas station attendant
- married to Alma
- accused of being Bloody Face so he stays in the asylum
- nun working at the asylum
- inmate of asylum
- murdered her step-mother and sexually abusive father
-physician and administrator at Briarcliff
- Nazi war criminal
- blamed for the altered humans running in the woods
- main nun in charge
- inmate in the asylum but has no problems and was accused of something
- get married and decide to spend their honeymoon at present-day Briarcliff, which is abandoned, and they hear a sound inside which leads to the death of Leo
-married to Kit but keep it hidden because interracial marriage is still illegal in this time period
- kills people by kissing them
The Minotaur
- headmistress of Miss Robichaux's Academy
- witch with an uncontrollable power
- head of The Witches Council
- part of a fraternity at a college and then switches to Miss Robichaux's Academy
- witch with extraordinary gifts
- student witch at the academy
- party girl and a teen movie star
- mute butler at the academy
- serial killer who tortured and murdered her black slaves
- Supreme witch
- lover of Marie Laveau
- former house slave of the LaLaurie family
- student at the academy
- jazz musician that turns into a murderer
- council member and witch at academy
- human voodoo doll
-gate keeper of spirit world
- god of travel, opportunity, and luck
- associated with life and death
- guides spirits back to the spirit world
- voodoo queen
- Joan's son
- the witches at the academy become attracted to him
- adversary to Fiona Goode
- moves next door to the academy
- Christian
- wants to protect her family from all that is dark and ungodly
- Cordelia's husband
- actually a witch hunter
- leader of the freak show
- has prosthetic legs
- sings
- conjoined twins that share the same heart
- one tried to kill the other
- "lobster boy"
- his hands are deformed
- fortune teller
- con artist
- performer in the freak show
- three breasts
- Jimmy's mom
- bearded lady
- believes he is a freak
- his mother hires Twisty so he can have amusement and Dandy ends up being his murderous sidekick
- killer clown
- tried to commit suicide by shooting himself in the mouth and did not die so he wears a mask to cover the giant hole where his mouth was
- sacrificed to Edward Mordrake
- strongman
- Jimmy's dad
- murders someone
- eats chickens heads off
- police accuse him of killing a detective so they take him to prison and torture him to death
- Dandy Mott's maid
- Dandy stabs her
- microcephalic woman

- con artist
- murders freaks to put them into museums for money
- tiny women
- Elsa's assistant
- murdered
- 20 years old in real life and only 2'6"
- man with two faces
- only comes on Halloween as a spirit and takes someoen back to the spirit world with him
- deformed arms that look like flippers and are covered in tattoos
- no legs and pushes herself around on a skateboard
- extremely tall lady
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