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AstraFit prezi (eng)

No description

Nikita Dobrynin

on 23 November 2013

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Transcript of AstraFit prezi (eng)

- is a service that helps people to choose the right size of clothing online.
Our customers are on-line
retailers and clothes manufacturers.
Sizing charts are used today to define your size.
They are difficult to use
and they don`t work!
Sizes recommended by
Very Tight
and here`s what you get.
You can choose M or L, it depends on how tight you like it.
Our solution...
You choose clothes you like..
.. and click
"what`s my size"
You are provided with easy-to-follow video instructions
Easy as that!
Why us ?
'Rocket science' algorithms that compares

- apparel dimensions
- user's body metrics.
We have experience in clothes manufacturing, IT, design and startup-building on board.
We show how clothes fits and feels:
The Problem
Where are we now?
- We`ve launched BETA in May 2013
- 500+ active users
- Agreements with leading on-line retailers
subscription model
Our experiments:
- new re-marketing technique

- breakthrough service for brick-and-mortar shops
Fast and inexpensive

Incredibly accurate
way to choose your size.
Our advantages:
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