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Employee Advisory Committee

No description

Miranda Owens

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Employee Advisory Committee

OAC Core Retreat 2013
Employee Advisory Committee
Miranda Owens
Rose Hawkins
Robert Deocales
Michelle Adarkwa
Maria Stephens
Patty Neely
Frank Dunbar
Melissa Haston
KaRae Frierson

Each member represents a different branch of the company
OH – Michelle
MP – Patty
CRW – Miranda
CRM – Maria
MM – Frank
MW – Frank
BM – Rose
BW – KaRae
DPS - Robert

Our Mission

To serve as a support to our staff and develop a more fulfilling work environment.
Each month we visit each of our locations
What do we ask while we are there?

Is there anything you need to be more successful?

Do you feel appreciated?

We have resolved issues such as who to contact with issues with pay, what are the requirements for various positions, and processes for transferring locations.

Employee Recognition

Service Certificates at All Staff Meeting
Admin Professionals Day

Celebrating 20 years of service!!!
Our Employees are "Key" to our Clients' success.
Our Employees are "Key" to OAC's success.
Our Employees are "Key" to each other's success.
Effective Communication is essential.
Team commitment and support is vital.
It is our job as management to motivate and engage our staff
Our Future Plans:
How many of you remember these from when you were little??!!
We are going to start an annual OAC cook off. Each year the winning location will have "bragging rights" and the wooden spoon displayed at their location!!!

Kick-Off the week with "Thank You" T-Shirts
Employee Appreciation Week
October 28th - November 1st

10 things leaders CAN do

Say thank you.
Provide Leadership
Care about the employee
Be present
Address issues (especially when an employee behaves badly)
Hire right
Develop employees
Know YOUR role as a leader
Develop a team atmosphere
Have fun

These are only some of the issues we have addressed in our meetings. One of our biggest goals is to gain the trust of our staff in an effort to get more feedback from them. In the past we have not had very successful Employee Surveys, we are hoping by gaining their trust we will be able to get more honesty from them.
Thanks for your service
"Double D has that I ain't worried about nothing face!"
Ways to Energize Your Team
Assume the best in your employees
Listen - I mean really listen and ask thoughtful questions.
Acknowledge the sacrifices others make- especially ones on your behalf or the organizations!
Remind your employees why their work is important and the difference they are making.
Power of positive thinking
Resist the urge to assume everyone is bad.
Have you heard of "self fulfilling prophecy?
Actively Listen
Two Ears- One Mouth
Conversation is two ways.
Seek first to understand then to be understood.
Cannot act on information we don't truly understand.
Employee Agreement
Employees agree to do what you tell them when they are at work.
Not the extras!
Coming in on days off.
Working OT or late so you don't have to come in.
Washing and Cleaning when they don't have to.
Our Employees are the ones who make it happen.
They spend the time with the client.
They are the ones who do the tasks that no one else in society wanted to.

Assume the best in your employees
Power of positive thinking
Resist the urge to assume everyone is bad.
Have you heard of "self fulfilling prophecy?
There's More to Life than Work
Put your people first
Great leaders have deep reserves of physical, spiritual, and emotional energy, and that energy is usually fueled by a strong and supportive relationship with the people they love, regular exercise, a healthy lifestyle, and setting aside time for reflection.
No organization is better than the people who run it. The fact is that you are in the people business—the business of hiring, training, and managing people to deliver the product or service you provide. If the people are the engine of your success, to be a great leader you need to attend to your people with a laser-like focus.
Act with Integrity
In a time when news reports are filled with the stories of private and public leaders who’ve acted inappropriately and have gone against the best interests of their employees or constituents, showing your employees that you value integrity can help motivate them and create a sense of pride for your organization.
Be a GREAT Communicator
Leadership is influencing others, and this cannot be achieved without effective communication. If you’re struggling with communicating to your employees, first work on your ability to influence individuals by choosing words that are impactful to carry your message. Then you need to figure out how to communicate to a larger audience.
Be a Great Listener
The most effective leaders are the ones who take the time to listen not just to their team members’ words but to the priceless hidden meaning beneath them. Remember that during good times and bad, sometimes your employees just need someone to talk to. Communicate to them that you are always waiting with open ears.
Be a problem solver
Post a sign above your office door that reads, “Don’t Bring Me Problems. Bring Me Solutions.” Then set about the task of guiding each person on your team toward the goal of becoming a top-notch problem solver during this crucial period.
Lead through experience and competence, not through title or position
Mentor your employees, encourage them, make partners out of them, and your organization is sure to benefit. If you want to survive the tough economy, that’s exactly the kind of leadership motif you need for your organization.

Department Meetings

The purpose of these department meetings is to show our staff we appreciate them, and build employee morale!


Car Wash DPS 11am-1pm

Costume Contest
Winner announced at 11am
Dessert Competition
Judged at 12pm

Each location will present a dessert to be judged! Winner will display the silver spoon & have "bragging rights" for the next year!!

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