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Copy of Media Influence

No description

kaitlyn chatman

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Media Influence

Media Influence
Background Info.
This unit provides students with information on how the media influence their attitudes and behaviors. Particular attention is given to negative media influence that promote the use of tobacco,alcohol,and other drugs. Resistance techniques from the level 1 and 2 life skills training program are reviewed.
The media is a big source the world. It has its cause and effects. One way the media is helpful to the world have news and entertainment
The unit provides an in-depth examination of the power of the media and hoe it can affect our behaviors, Especially as they relate to substance use. By using critical thinking skills, students improve their ability to resist negative media influences.

In this unit students will :
Identify the sources of media influences
Discuss the impact of the media has on attitudes and behavior.
Formulate alternative responses to pro-drug media influences
Use Critical thinking skills to resist pro-drug media influences
Unit goals and objective
Media- a form of communication
influence- the act or power of producing an effect without apparent exertion of force or direct command
counteracting the activity or effect
Media influence questions???
What effect does the media have on you?

How influential is the media towards you?
The way the media influences us.
The media influences our thoughts and actions.
All forms of media are powerful tools of communication.
The electronic media, particularly television and the internet, are extremely powerful sources of influence because of their ability to reach millions of people using both words and images.
Evidence of their power and effectiveness can be found in the billions of dollars spent by advertisers and political candidates to buy time(or space, for the electronic and print media).
Resisting Media Influences
1. It is not necessarily bad to be affected by the media.
2. How does the media affect the students attitudes, opinions, beliefs and thoughts in a positive way?
3. How does the media affect their attitudes, opinions, beliefs and thoughts in a harmful way?

Ways you can shield yourself from unwanted media influence
In order to protect ourselves from negative media influences, it is to first necessary to recognize the powerful impact the media can has on thoughts and actions (attitudes and behavior)
Be aware of the powerful impact of the media
recognize the methods used to influence our thoughts and actions
Learn to analyze what we see and hear in the media using our knowledge, attitudes, values, and ability to think logically.
Points to make
It is not necessarily bad to be influenced by the media in fact the media can be a fantastic educational tool
However, the media can be used to try to manipulate and control our thoughts and actions
In order to protect ourselves from negative media influences, it is first necessary to recognize the powerful impact the media can have on thoughts and actions (attitudes and behaviors)
One way to protect ourselves is to think critically ( i.e., to learn to analyze what we see and hear in terms of our current knowledge, attitudes, values, and logical thinking.)
media influences to use drugs question?
How do you think the media may influence or encourage people to use drugs?
How the media may influence drug use
There are three ways the media may influence drug use.

Defining media
What do you think media means?

What are some examples of major types of communications media?

Points to make
The major types of media are television, movies, radio, books, newspaper, magazines, billboards, CDs, and the internet.
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