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Universities and SMEs collaborative partnerships

No description

Big Bang Lab

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of Universities and SMEs collaborative partnerships

Universities and SMEs

new models of collaborative partnerships
Collaborate to innovate:
Empowering the Users of University Generated Knowledge

The perspective of SMEs
Sergio López Figueroa, Director
Big Bang Lab
Triple Helix Conference, London 9th July 2013
SMEs in the UK
Any business with fewer than 250 employees
or annual turnover of less than £50m

They make up 99.9% of UK businesses
More than 4.5 million SMEs in the UK
They employ over 14 million people
60% of the private sector workforce
Combined turnover of £1,500 billion
Business & Universities
Talent development

R&D innovation
KTN, Spin offs

Large Businesses & SMEs
Pro bono
R&D Competitions
Supplier chain
Catalyst, investment
Knowledge Transfer
what knowledge?
SMEs and Universities
"we are not innovating enough"

whose knowledge?
what for?
Case studies of successful interactions
SME graduate placement scheme
in 2011, £2m investment
Graduate from Universities on internships in SMEs
50/50 split SME and Santander Paying basic salary
First of its kind in the bank industry, in the UK
Digital Peninsula at Greenwich as a business hub
Ravensbourne College
A university sector college innovating in digital media and design, with a vocationally focused portfolio of courses, spanning fashion, television and broadcasting, interactive product design, architecture and environment design, graphic design, animation, moving image, music production for media and sound design.
Digital Media Innovation Collaboration
Supported more than 100 creative technology companies spanning transmedia, music technology, software development, graphic and web design, UX, architecture, TV and film production, product design and fashion
Business modelling workshops
Business growth workshops
Consultancy workshops
Case studies of successful interactions
Cultural Capital Exchange (inspiring collaboration)
Raptor SME www.raptorsme.com
The Raptor project aims to build a digital ecosystem of SMEs developing real-time smart urban applications on a secure brokerage platform creating new value chains from government, industry and SMEs to citizens. Supported by a Technology Strategy Board grant the project will provide SME’s with grants to develop new prototype solutions to be applied across retail, transportation.

Networked environment promoting exchange of knowledge between Higher Education, Business large and small and cultural and creative sectors across London. A membership organisation of London 11 Universities, with expectations of organic growth throughout the country.  They will also expand to include affiliate non University members as a flexible inclusive network. to create inspired collaborations between Higher Education, cultural and creative industries and businesses, large and small.  Through this exchange of knowledge and expertise economic, social and cultural benefits will grow to mutual advantage.

example of a large company investing in SMEs
Network model
Professor Giovanni Schiuma’s recent book, The Value of Arts for Business, argues that the innovation, thinking patterns and emotional intelligence which the arts can offer to business equip organisations
with new tools to challenge old and possibly ingrained ways of thinking. If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.

Knowledge Exchange Hubs for the
creative economy
2012-2016 AHRC
Over four years, the Hubs will build new partnerships and commercial opportunities between academia and the ‘Creative Economy’, which comprises artistic industries, museums, libraries, and other cultural institutions.

4 UK Hubs £16m
Under Creativeworks London, placements will be available for postgraduate researchers who want industry practice and entrepreneurs who may gain from working in a higher education environment,” says Sally Taylor, Director of LCACE.
Large companies
How can we work together?
From Knowledge to Wisdom
Prof. Nicholas Maxwell
Our universities pursue knowledge. They are neither designed nor devoted to helping humanity learn how to tackle global problems — problems of living — in more intelligent, humane and effective ways. In order to make progress towards a better world we need to learn how to do it. And for that we need institutions of learning rationally designed and devoted to helping us solve our global problems, make progress towards a better world. It is just this that we lack at present.
we need a revolution
what makes us unique?
Partnership collaborative framework: Cultural Social Responsibility
Co-creation: collective creative processes in complex environments
Participatory and crowdsourced video for future cities: Global City Symphony
Intelligent online video platforms: global digital citizenship
Transdisciplinary and Transmedia production, from digital archives to new content
IP revenue models: Social impact through co-operative management
Intergenerational wisdom transfer (http://www.creative-generation.org.uk)
5 years of internal R&D: transfer from prototype model to product

Collaborative Partnerships
our experience
1. Received Probono from Vodafone legal team via Law works IP agreement
2. Provided mentorship to Charity via Vodafone's World of Difference programme
3. BBL project as research project for Cass Business School undergraduates
4. Created online network and events http://www.culturalsocialresponsibility.org
5. Working on partnership with Bangor University on wisdom transfer research
6. International SMEs network in Mumbai funded by Creative Industries KTN
7. Lectures and knowledge sharing at UEL and Brighton University
8. Dishaa innovation and leadership programme UK-India by Common Purpose
NGO, Business, Government P2P network to solve global challenges

Crowdversations® (Conversational video and data analysis for research & evaluation)
Balloon Orchestra Workshop (co-creativity intervention in organisations)
Google Campus
Tech Space London

The Hub

Innovation Warehouse
other SMS co-working space / networks

Big Bang Lab future Development

SME - Universities - Large Businesses
Mentorship Intergenerational Learning Orchestra
1. Wisdom Transfer initiative between a cohort of young graduates across Universities and retired professionals from large companies across a range of private sector and industries, creating an orchestra as an innovation lab.
2. P2P mentorship and probono scheme
3. Social Innovation, arts and business management lab
4. Organisational, leadership and HR development strategy
5. Field experience in Community, Media and CSR projects
6. Open video platforms of shared knowledge and network
7. Long term vision for employability and sustainability

other model

challenges for SMEs and Universities collaborative partnerships
Access to SMEs as active and equal new players
University silos and drive to solve big challenges
Promoting informal interpersonal exchanges
Accepting new ways of thinking and doing
Lack of Common Purpose and common language
Financial uncertainty and shared economy
Break the David & Goliath power syndrome
Open access to networks and knowledge sharing
Lack of seed investment for pre-feasibility stages

SME diversity clusters beyond co-working and networking
SMEs as equal partners two way knowledge transfer
Co-operative IP and revenue share model
Open ecosystem Large businesses, SMEs and Universities
From Knolwedge to Wisdom Transfer to tackle global issues
Social Enterprises and Universities shared social value

Sergio López Figueroa
Big Bang Lab

Collaboration is a long term
process and a journey

skype ID:
advances programme

Big Bang Lab is a a cultural enterprise and creative development agency, designing and producing participatory, interdisciplinary creative projects across music, film and digital media
We are a small cultural social enterprise with a big vision. To acomplish that vision we need a strategic long term partnerships with organisations with similar values and imagination for the co-creation of new business models.
we need to create and retain a flexible workforce of committed individuals that are already connecting their brains, hearts and hands for a common purpose. Organisational development and investment readiness is our priority for 2014
this is our plan...
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