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Copy of Navigating the World of Financial Aid

College of Alameda - Counseling 200

Mary Shaughnessy

on 29 September 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Navigating the World of Financial Aid

Navigating The World of Financial Aid
Welcome to COA

Meet COA Financial Aid Staff!
What is Financial Aid
Fall 2015 College of Alameda
Who Can Receive Aid
How Do I Apply for Financial Aid?
Both Documented and
Dream Act Students are eligible!

To Have a High School Diploma or GED

To Have Financial Need

Not be in default of a student loan

Be in good academic standing with the college
Dream Act Students complete the
Dream Act Application


Dream Act students are eligible for State Aid.
Need to complete the AB 540 form
May need to show high school diploma

Gotta watch out on this financial aid highway -- it's rough out there!
Giveaway time!
Let's Make it easier.......
I'm lost already!
Remember our awesome Financial Aid Staff?
Financial Aid Workshops
Check the COA Financial Aid website for the schedule.
Usually in the Assessment Center
in the Library Building
What happens next??
About 4 weeks after you completing your application,
you should be contacted by the COA financial aid office.
40% of students are selected for 'Verification' which means they will need to submit forms to our office.
Once we have everything we need, you will receive an award letter that tells you what aid you qualified for.
Activate your Higher One Card
You will receive a Higher One card in the mail.

You need to activate it.

(NOTE: getting a card doesn't mean every thing is ready)
You can have money loaded on the card...

or you can have money sent to your bank account...

or you can have them send you a check
There is an ATM on the second floor of the F building that you can use without having to pay any fees.
Keeping your Aid!!!
This may be the most important thing you see today!
In order to keep your aid, you MUST make Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
SAP Rules (Summary):
You must keep a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better.

You must keep making progress toward your goal by completing most of the courses you register for.

Free Money!

1. Grants
(money in your pocket)
2. BOG Fee Waiver
(pays most of your fees)

Self Help!
1. Student Employment
Federal Work Study
(a job on campus)
2. Student Loans
You have to apply separately, and you have to qualify
(Student Loans Must be Paid Back!)
Let's Start with an Overview

Both documented and Dream Act students can get a fee waiver.

A Board of Governors (BOG) fee waiver pays for all your enrollment fees (which are usually $46 dollars a unit.)
NOTE: If you registered for 9+ units,
you will still need to pay at least $56 for your EasyPass, Health Fee, and Campus Use fee.
To be eligible you need:
(you don't have to pay it back.)
Do I need my parents' financial info to apply?
You might be considered
"independent" if...
Are 24 years old (you are definitely independent!)
Married or separated
Have children or dependents who receive half their support from you
Parents are deceased/ward of the court
Veteran/Armed Forces
Emancipated youth
Unaccompanied minor
Otherwise you are considered dependent and need your parents' financial information.
Documented Students = FAFSA
FAFSA - Go to FAFSA.gov
(Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
Documented Students are eligible for Federal and State Aid
There are two types of "Financial Aid"

You can receive PELL GRANTS until:
90 attempted degree units at a community college
(W, F and repeat units count!)
6 full time semesters
(This is TOTAL, and includes after you transfer.)

Starting in Fall 2014,
Students need to complete 68% of total units they register for.

Register for: Must complete:
9 6
10 7
12 8
15 10
Does financial aid run out?
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